Why Does My Bow String Keep Hitting My Thumb

Why Does My Bow String Keep Hitting My Thumb?

Bows are a very capable tool. That is if you know how to use them, though. Not knowing how to properly shoot an arrow can lead to embarrassing mishaps like the string hitting your thumb or the arrow falling off.

And if you have someone looking up to you, whom you may want to impress, that isn’t a good look, now is it? A lot of beginner archers have this very common exact complaint. That is, why does my bow string keep hitting my thumb? 

The short answer to that question is it’s either improper brace height or technique. At worst, a combination of both. To avoid any of these embarrassing situations, keep on reading to know what you can do about it.

Why Does My Bow String Keep Hitting My Thumb?

Let’s start with the first possible reason — the brace height.

Brace Height 

If you're unfamiliar with the term, brace height is the distance between the deepest point of the grip and the bowstring at rest.

What confuses some is calling this distance height. Height is most commonly used as a vertical measurement. Here, it is actually a horizontal measurement due to the fact of how bows are held.

Brace Height

Having poor brace height is one of the reasons the bowstring might be hitting your thumb on release. A typical compound or a recurve bow should have a brace height somewhere between 8 to 9 inches. Anything less than this is not ideal.

Improper Technique 

Another reason could be an improper technique when shooting your bow. Many beginner archers tend to rotate the hands in a way where the palm is towards the face. This will cause the string to hit your fingers when you release it. The arrow may even fall off the hands too. Now that would be embarrassing, yikes.

Improper Technique for bow

Luckily, there is an easy fix. What you should be doing is keep the palms slightly rotated out as you draw the arrow. Your index finger needs to be resting across your thumb.

Armed with the proper technique, you can now rely on your shots and be sure when you are hunting or just shooting at an archery range, your shots will hit. You can also check out these best bow hunting gloves that will protect your hands.

Wrapping Up

So, what did we learn? You need to have the right brace height for your bow, and there is no substitute for proper technique. Hopefully, that answers your question of why does my bowstring keep hitting my thumb. If you want to take your archery a step further, here are some of the best stabilizers for bow you can get right now.

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