do you need a bipod

Do You Really Need a Bipod and Why?

I guess you’ve heard enough about bipods. You know what advantages they introduce to your shooting activities. They make you a more accurate shooter. Above all, they’ve been labeled a necessity for all serious shooting enthusiast, hunters, etc., out there.

But we have an important question: do you really need a bipod? And why do you need it?

After our discussion below, it will be much simpler for you to decide whether you need a bipod for your guns or not.

Without further ado, let’s kick off our decision…

Let me first ask you a simple question:

How many times have you missed your target while shooting in prone positions?

If you’re like many other hunters, you’d answer “countless times.”

And that automatically qualifies you to own a bipod or several of them. As you have already heard, the benefit of using a bipod to prone shoot outweighs its handicap when it’s not used.

The accessory solidly locks (steadies) your rifle on your target, leaving tiny room for errors.

My Opinion: For prone shooting, you desperately need a bipod!

Depending on where you usually do your shooting, you might also want to try a bipod.

This is directly related to this highly overlooked feature of the bipod- extendable legs and pivoting feature.

Let’s take the example of a hunter who does most of their shooting in the woods. Needless to mention, the surfaces here are uneven and trying to make a perfect shot with your rifle might be a nightmare.

I’ve witnessed some hunters try to make their shooting platforms level by using rocks, trees, etc.

A bipod has been specially designed to help you stabilize your gun quickly and focus more on aiming at your target. Different models can extend to various heights so that you can cope with uneven terrains you encounter every day.

As a hunter, therefore, a bipod should be in your hunting gear right now!

What About The Sitting Shooting Positions?

This is one of the most underused position by shooters. And like the prone position, a bipod helps you solidly lock your rifle and make it focus on what matters at the moment (the target).

A sitting position can give you a shooting advantage when shooting from areas with taller grass and heather.

Besides, this position works miracles when taking shots down a steep hill. Moreover, it will save you from the pain of back sores resulting from the discomforts of lying prone.

Can’t wait to try the sitting position? Equip yourself with a bipod first, and things will only get better.

Affordability and Simplicity of Bipods

If your main reason for not using bipods is budget limitations or thinking they’re hard to use, you’re getting it wrong.

They’re not only among the cheapest firearm accessories, but they’re also incredibly easy to use. A high-quality bipod, with a set of great features, will cost you only a few bucks. After only a few days of practicing, you’ll become a pro bipod use. And when you start deploying it in your hunting activities, you’ll realize how valuable investment you made!

You Think Bipods A Lot of Weight To Your Firearm?

Again, you’re totally wrong.

Bipods have lightweight designs, so they don’t add any weight to your gun and make it feel heavier.

In fact, they help support all the weight of your heavy bipod. With all this weight off your shoulders, you’ll be free, and most importantly, you won’t get easily fatigued. Use this chance to make the best shot you’ve ever made in your entire shooting life.

My only worry with bipods is that they can’t offer much assistance when you want to make standing shots. So, if you regularly make such shots, you would want to forget the bipod for a moment and turn to shooting stick for better results.

Another issue I have with bipods is that its legs might get caught up in the twigs if you’re crawling through the thick heather. You might, therefore, need to frequently raise your hands to drop the legs- this is not too pleasing for the shooter.


I lived to my promise. I’ve shown you the various reasons why you might want to buy a bipod. At the same time, we have cleared the air on some issues that might be holding you back from investing in a bipod.

With all this information, now you can comfortably decide the fate of bipods in your shooting life.

Good luck.

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