What Bipod Does Professionals Use?

If you decided to buy a bipod recently, one of the best ways to get the best one is to consider what professionals have to say about them.

Knowing their opinions makes it easier to decide which bipod you should get because they've been in the business for many years. Professionals are capable of seeing through what separates a high-quality bipod from one that doesn't meet even the slightest expectations.

Do you want to know what bipod do professionals use? Then continue reading to find out!

The Best Bipod for Professionals

Surprisingly enough, most professionals prefer using Harris bipods for their operations. More specifically, the Harris HBRMS.

The Harris HBRMS bipod is one of their shortest models the manufacturers have produced. It features adjustable legs capable of extending from 6 to 9-inches. People often refer to it as a "bench rest" bipod.

The reasoning behind such denomination is not because you shoot from a bench, but rather because plenty of the shooting action occurs in prone positions. The height capacity of the Harris HRBMS makes it a suitable accessory for prone situations.

What it Offers

In case you're wondering, yes, the letters in the name do have a meaning.

The M in its name is a clear indicator that this bipod features notched legs. These notches are responsible for providing preset reference height marks, which makes the adjustment of both legs easier. This feature is one of the main reasons why professionals use this bipod.

You probably noticed the S in its name, too. This letter indicates this bipod has swivel capacity. It allows shooters to adjust the rifle in a tilting position from side to side.

This process makes it easier to adapt the rifle and set it up over uneven surfaces without messing with the height of the legs.

A bipod that can swivel helps shooters to have higher accuracy, especially when they're taking long-range shots.

Professional Recommendation

One recommendation that professionals give to new Harris HBRMS bipod users is to understand the bipod and think of ways to improve it. For instance, there are plenty of professionals that buy and install another swivel lock on their bipods.

Standard Harris swivel bipods already have a fixed tension amount that you can't adjust when you're out there. However, acquiring the after-market levers and a couple of knobs is enough to reach and torque down the bipod's swivel using only one hand from the back of the rifle.

Also, an after-market swivel lock allows shooters to make quicker adjustments over the tension needed to tilt the Harris bipod from side to side.

Harris is well aware of this issue, which is why they have come up with their exclusive solution: the Harris lever. These levers are easier to install, and they manage to make it easier operating the swivel.

But, if you're not comfortable with that solution, there are other options to consider. You could consider buying a KMW Pod-Lock Kit or the Alpha-Bravo Lock. These two accessories provide optimum performance, and they are compatible with a wide range of bipods, too.

LaRue, an External Take on the Harris Bipod

There's no doubt that Harris has produced the best bipods you could buy, but there are some disadvantages of using them. More specifically, we're talking about the mounting mechanism.

Most of the Harris bipods feature the swivel stud mount, which is good and works fine, but your rifle might work better if you combine it with another type of mounting.

Here, LaRue comes to save the day. They've created new and improved Harris bipod versions.

They integrate their popular and high-quality Picatinny mount to get rid of the inconveniences of the previous mount. These enhancements prevent the screws and grabbers from coming loose.

Is There Another Bipod Suitable for Professional Purposes?

Yes, plenty of them. While the Harris HBRMS is one of the most popular among professionals, there are the Atlas bipods, as well.

The Accu-Shot Atlas model is another bipod that professionals enjoy. It offers plenty of exclusive features that other bipods can't offer. The following are the most noticeable advantages of using the Accu-Shot model.

  • check
    You can load it with the legs in a straight down position at 90 degrees, or at 45 degrees forward. It offers a height adjustment capacity from 4.75 to 9-inches, which is more than what similar bipods can offer.
  • check
    It offers 15 degrees of pan and 15 degrees of tilt capacity.
  • check
    You can stow its legs both forward and backwards.
  • check
    Mounting it directly on a Picatinny rail is not an issue.
  • check
    Similar to the previous Harris bipod, it includes notched legs.


Now that you know what the best bipods are for professional purposes, picking one shouldn't be as complicated as it was before knowing everything these bipods have to offer. Get yours, go out there, and start practicing to become a professional yourself!

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