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What Are The Top Bipod Brands on The Market?

The increased use for bipods in different fields- such as military, law enforcement, hunting, snipers, etc.- have seen a  steady growth in the bipods market.

Today, you’ll find bipods of all kinds on the market.

These bipods come with different sets of features, height options, and prices. Above all, they’re designed by various manufacturers.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the top brands that have put in efforts to give you the best quality bipods for your shooting needs.

FOUR Top Bipod Brands:

#1. Harris Engineering

Over 75% of shooters in the States rely on Harris bipods to improve their shooting stability and accuracy.

All the Harris bipods are 100% made in the USA, so you’re assured of the highest quality possible.

Some of the secrets that make these bipods rank on all the lists of the most preferred world over include their ease to clamp and detach to the sling swivel stud already installed in most firearms, ease of use, and lightweight designs.

Harris bipods fall under two broad categories:

  • Series “M”– comprises a newer version of the original bipods whose legs eject by a spring action. Height settings are set in increments on 1-inch.
  • Series “S”– these models swivel to either side to help you achieve an instant leveling on uneven grounds. They also come with hinged bases with buffer springs and tension adjustments to eliminate incidents of tremor and looseness. Otherwise, they’re similar to the non-swivel models

#2. Atlas- Accu-shot Bipods

The Atlas brand also enjoys high popularity for its patented line of bipods which bear unique features not present in other products.

Some of the notable features in Atlas bipods include the ability to load with their legs straight down 90 degrees or 45 degrees forward, the capacity to pan or tilt at 15 degrees, mounts directly to Picatinny rail, notched legs, etc.

The brand classifies the bipods into three categories below:

  • Atlas V8 Bipod: this was the original Atlas bipod that gave rise to the patented atlas characteristics of built-in pan and cant as well as the novel 45 degrees leg positioning.
  • Atlas PSR Bipod: the brand introduced the PSR (The Precision Sniper Rifle) when they were picked for the “USSOCOM Sniper Rifle system.” The most notable features for bipods in this category include non-rotational legs, 40% sturdier inner leg, and aft pivot and force limiting bosses.
  • Atlas 5-H Bipod: the manufacturer describes the 5-H as a class of bipods based on everything and anything they’ve learned about the bipods. The 5-H bipods are designed with the big bore shooter in mind.

#3. UTG/Leapers Bipods

For all the shooters on a budget looking for top-quality brands, I highly recommend you to go for the UTG bipods.

The brand stands from the rest in that it makes unique products, with unique features, yet it has lower prices- unlike top-rated brands like Harris and Atlas.

The incredibly durable UTG bipods come with unique features like the smart dual mounting system, extendable/foldable legs, Posi-lock wheel, and a quick retraction button.

Above all, the brand offers you a 1-year warranty that covers all the defects in workmanship and materials.

#4. NcStar Bipod

Don’t be surprised that NcStar made it to our list of the best bipod brands in the market today. It has also been on the frontline in designing bipods that will make your shooting better.

This is evident from their excellently performing bipods that have received loads of praises and positive feedbacks from satisfied customers.

Under the name bipods, the brands give you two main classes- the standard and precision grade bipods.

  • The precision grade models have unique features such as the ability to attach directly to swing swivel studded rifles, spring loaded folding action and comes with up to 3 adapters for convenient shooting.
  • We also have the standard models that feature foldable/extendable legs, ball swivel joint for making quick aiming adjustments (without necessarily raising the bipod off the ground), etc.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the four top bipods brands on the market right now. If you look closely into the bipods from these brands, you’ll quickly note that they all come with unique features that give them an edge over the low-quality brands when it comes to giving you a more comfortable shooting position.

For better rifle stability and improved accuracy, consider buying the Harris, Atlas, UTG, or NcStar bipods

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  1. Are Atlas bipods marked “Made in USA”? I’m wary of Chinese knock-offs, but don’t
    know exactly what to look for to avoid buying a counterfeit item. Any help offered
    is greatly appreciated.

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