utg tactical op bipod review

UTG Tactical OP Bipod Review (8.3”-12.7”) Review

The UTG Tactical OP Bipod is one of the most popular bipods on the planet. This is not only due to its accuracy enhancing capabilities but because of its great set of features that are only present in the most expensive bipods, but it comes at a highly affordable price.

If you’ve never felt what it feels like to shoot with a real bipod, you need to buy this bipod ASAP!

But first, let me walk you through some important points you need to know about it.

Let’s start with the main features you’ll get in this bipod:


  • Low-cost bipod
  • Foldable/extendable arms
  • Durable bipod
  • Dual mounting structure
  • Lightweight design
  • One year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Easy and quick to deploy


  • Have issues trying to connect to the swivel lug
  • Screw assembly tightness has received heavy criticism

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Clever Dual Mounting System

This is one of the features that will make you doubt its low price! The bipod comes with dual mounting capabilities- involving both the swivel stud and Picatinny rail mounts.

This is a well thought-out feature that lets you attach the bipod to a wider variety of firearms, unlike other bipods on the market.

Users of this bipod cannot hide their joy about how it locks steadily into the Picatinny rails to give their guns unique shooting capabilities.

Heavy duty design

The bipod also features a heavy duty design- constructed using extremely tough materials. The entire body features aluminum metal while the top platform features the durable steel.

Such materials will undoubtedly make your bipod take the punishment of any rifle, no matter how heavy it is.

The entire body is coated with an all-weather, black adonization that ensures factors such as rust and corrosion do not weaken your bipod.

Above all, the lightweight nature of alumni makes the overall bipod feel light- so it’s not a hassle to carry in your backpack. More so, it does not make your gun feel heavier.

Panning for increased versatility

It’s also quite pleasing to note that the manufacturer included a panning feature to give you more flexibility options as you try to set your rifle to the best shooting position.

The feature lets you tilt your gun to the right or left on the axis perpendicular to your firearm barrel.

And that makes it one of the best accuracy-enhancing bipods that make you shoot with more confidence!

Extendable/Foldable Legs

As if the panning feature isn’t enough, the bipod also allows you to extend and fold its legs- for more flexibility options.

To be precise, you can stretch the legs from 8.3 to 12.7 inches to compensate for uneven terrains, to balance and steady your rifle, and obtain the most stable shooting platform!

When you have extended your legs to the desired length, you can simply use the Posi-Lock feature to lock them into place and prevent them from extending any further.

You can always trust the quick spring action to take the legs back to their original positions once you’re done shooting.

One more thing about these legs is that they always fold easily so you can get them out of the way without necessarily detaching them from the rifle (saves your time if you’re not done shooting).

Rubberized Stand

To get rid of the skidding associated with other bipods out there, the manufacturer of this bipod fixed rubber caps on the legs.

Have you noticed this useful feature already?

When you deploy your bipod on any type of ground, it offers an excellent grip that keeps the accessory from sliding and “destroying” your setup. With such perfectly balanced shooting platform, your shooting prowess will absolutely hit the stars!

The fact that the rubber material is made from sturdy material enables it to remain active even with regular use.

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From our UTG Tactical OP Bipod review above, we can conclude that this is a highly versatile and convenient bipod that will give you the real value for your cash. Its impressive features team up to give you a robust and stable shooting platform. Because it’s made from sturdy aluminum and steel materials, it will provide you with great services for longer.

Hanging on the lower pricing end, this is a must-have bipod, even for the shooters/hunters on a budget.

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