UTG Bipod VS Harris Bipod: What to Get and Why?

While looking for a new bipod, chances are you’ll come across two recurrent models: UTG, and Harris. To figure out which one you should buy, you must understand what every bipod model has in store for you.

Let’s dig in the specifications of these brands to figure out what their best qualities are, and which one is the most suitable for your rifle and activities.

UTG Bipods

Are you wondering what makes the UTG bipods as good as they are? Let’s go through its main features to get a closer look at what they bring to the table.

Construction Material

Most, if not all, of the UTG bipods feature aluminum for their construction. The reasons behind are pretty clear: there’s no better material for a bipod.

Aluminum provides many benefits that make it stand out above other materials. Not only for bipods, but for plenty of other accessories, too. You can’t go wrong with it.

The bipod’s purpose is to assist you during your shooting activities outside, which means that you will need the highest quality material to endure the rough conditions. Aluminum provides just that. It is a highly resistant material capable of fighting off corrosion and rust.

For the top, UTG bipods feature steel platforms capable of putting up with the rifle’s weight.

Dual Mounting

Sometimes it is disappointing going through many bipod offers, choosing one, and then discover that the mounting system is not compatible with your rifle.

UTG bipods include dual mounting methods to topple compatibility issues with the most famous rifles.

You can mount it through the Picatinny method or using the swivel stud mount. Regardless of which one you choose, the bipod will maintain the rifle in the proper place, providing accuracy and the weight support you might need to rest your rifle.

Naturally, there are bipods with other mount mechanisms, too. But the addition of the dual mount is a very successful and innovative idea not present in many bipods.


Another one of the benefits of using a UTG bipod is their higher versatility when it comes to height settings. The market has many UTG models from 6-inches, up to 13, with a large diversity of bipods in between those ranges, and more.

They can adjust to different terrains, and adapt to different environmental circumstances, like rainy days, snow surfaces or tall grass.

The extendable and foldable legs also ensure you’ll have an easier and quicker process to set it up.

Also, you’ll be surprised by how good the rubber feet are. They feature convex ridges to increase the gripping over the surfaces, giving you more stability and a steady position to aim. These rubber feet have a hex screw that keeps them tight to the legs, which keeps the rubber from falling off.

Product Overview

UTG bipods are popularly known for being handy accessories for every kind of shooter. They are designed to enhance the accuracy of your rifle, and they manage to do it successfully.

The foldable arms, the spring tension control, and an included Posi-Lock are other of the highlighted features this bipod has to offer. It gives complete control to the shooter to use the bipod as freely as they can.

These bipods are also famous for their top-quality panning capacity. It means that you’ll have the possibility to get a panoramic view of your surroundings without dismounting the rifle, allowing you to keep track of a moving target, if necessary.

Harris Bipods

There are many reasons why people prefer the Harris bipods over anything else. Here, we’ll review their main qualities to understand what they have to offer.

Construction Material

Most of the Harris bipods are made using high-quality steel and tough aluminum, featuring a black anodized finish capable of resisting against rust.

Like many other brands, Harris manufacturers are well-aware that steel and aluminum are the best materials they could use for their accessories.

These two materials create a lightweight bipod easier to carry around for your activities. Additionally, it is a strong build, making it capable of supporting even heavier rifles.

These bipods get the best out of premium materials to provide a solid performance without any concerns.

Swivel Mounting

The mounting mechanism for the Harris bipod is one of their main disadvantages. Most of these bipods only use swivel stud mounts, reducing the range of compatibility they may have with rifles of different build.

You can always use adapters to mount them to anything else other than swivel studs, but it is yet another investment that you must be willing to make.


Harris bipods, being as popular as they are, understand that there are many types of shooters, each one with different personal preference about the perfect extension range.

You can find a variety of Harris bipods capable of extending from 6 to 13 inches. There might be some users that don’t particularly enjoy the small height extension, but it helps to improve the accuracy of your aim.

An outstanding advantage of the Harris bipods is that some of them are very quick to deploy. To extend and retract the arms, it includes a functional spring that allows you to mount the rifle and change positions in no time.

Product Overview

These bipods are among the most popular you’re going to find available. For that reason, it is not a surprise to come across many rip-off accessories attempting to imitate their high quality. But, after trying an authentic Harris bipod, you’ll know that there aren’t many other brands that get close to it.

After you find the most suitable surface, these bipods lock securely on the spot. They have a deployment button that makes the process way easier, saving up a lot of preparation time.

The swivel mount might be a disappointment for some people, but that’s something an adapter quickly solves if you have an incompatible rifle. Even better, for swivel adjustments, you can look for a proper aftermarket quick throw lever to make it work as you want.

Which One Should You Buy?

At this point, you’re probably wondering which one is better for you. While there isn’t a clear answer to that question, knowing what kind of activities you want to perform will make the deciding process easier.

UTG bipods are outstanding accessories to perform shooting activities at a non-professional level. They may not be the best bipods available, but they’re still very reliable to improve your skills for many years. It is also incredibly efficient for hunting operations.

Harris bipods, on the other hand, have a well-established reputation that backs them up.

Arguably, they are the most popular bipods you could find. These are the best bipods that you could buy for the money. Cheaper models don’t get even close to its quality, and anything tougher is worth the double.

The Harris bipods are a worthy acquisition if you want to partake in competitions, or if you need to use your skills at a high-level performance.

Final Verdict

Choosing between a UTG bipod and a Harris bipod depends entirely on the kind of activities you’re going to do. Even though these two bipod models share some similarities, there are little details that make them worlds apart.

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