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Types Of Sniper Rifles: What The Pros Use?

Sniper rifles are essentially long-range tactical precision rifles used by both military and law enforcement agencies for antipersonnel purposes.

If you’ve special interest in guns, you might be curious to learn the top-best sniper rifles available today.

Lucky for you, I’ve come up with a list of the best and most popular sniper rifles models used by the pros.

Read on for more details…

1. M24

First up is the America’s M24, regarded as the standard sniper rifle for the US army. For those who don’t know, the design and development this gun is based on the Remington Model 700.

Its development in1980s was necessitated by the need to replace the Springfield Armory M21. The rifle acts not just as a weapon but as a weapon system.

It features an easily detachable telescopic sight as well as a variety of other accessories and tools. Being a bolt-action rifle, it feeds from a fully detachable box magazine that holds up to 5 or 10 round (depending on the model).

Keep in mind that this rifle has an effective range of up to 800m. Its accuracy tends to vary with the type of ammunition. And it also enjoys extensive usage by the US Air Force.

2. Barret .50 Cal

Barret .50 Cal also makes up our list of the best performing sniper rifles known to humankind. It’s a one-rifle-army model that was introduced by the America-based Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Company.

Since its introduction into the field in 1989, the rifle continues to enjoy a never-ending popularity among units and armies all over the globe. The single-shot, bolt action gun used to exist in tow variants- the original M82A1 and bullpup M82A2. However, the latter was replaced by XM500, so you’d only expect to find in one model only.

Amazingly, this rifle features a .50 BMG chambering. It comes with an effective range of up to 2600m. It can shoot through walls a well. And it also goes by the name Light Fifty.

3. Knight’s Armament Company M110

Remember Gene Stoner, the brain behind the highly popular and deadly M16? Well, he’s the mastermind behind Knight’s Armament Company SR-25- a highly dependable semi-automatic rifle for snipers.

Looking through the features and design of this model, you’ll quickly realize that it was made just like the M16, with only a few exceptions. For instance, it features a longer barrel length. And it’s capable of shooting the 7.62×51 NATO round. It has a roughly 800 yards effective range.

Besides sharing a similar design with M16, the M110 also comes with lightweight design and can work with a suppressor to help minimize muzzle flash and sound.

4. Accuracy International AS50

The Accuracy International came up with this sniper rifle for one and ONLY one reason- to give Navy Seals an edge in all their battles (in different environments)!

One thing that you’ll like about this rifle is the extreme engineering it comes with. This enables it to shoot in the most extreme conditions you can think of- including sandy and muddy conditions.

Some of the key properties of AS50 include the 5 round magazine that comprises the large 50 caliber round (which the rifle shoots in only 1.6 seconds) and an effective range of 1,500 meters

5. McMillan TAC 50

Also referred to as Big Mac, McMillan TAC 50 is a 50 caliber top-rated sniper rifle. Big Mac currently holds the record of having shot the longest (confirmed kill) shot at 2657 yards in the world!

Now you might begin asking the secret to its excellent performance…this sniper rifle comes precision engineered to enable it efficiently sling the ultra-large 50 BMG cartridges- this I actually the largest bullet used for the military sniper rifles.

Because this rifle can shoot this BIG round at an effective range of 1800m, it finds great usage in taking out engine blocks and personnel.

6. CHEYTAC M200 Intervention

Here’s the world’s maddest sniper rifle, the CHEYTAC M200 Intervention.

It’s crazy how this rifle combines the three most favored aspects that many other guns fail to show- namely range, accuracy, and firepower. One of the coolest things about this super powerful firearm is its ability to hit targets over 2300 meters.

CHEYTAC M200 Intervention is believed to be the most accurate sniper rifle on this planet, and you gotta agree with that! The manufacturer of this gun makes the round on their own to ensure it’s fully formatted/leveled for the ultimate accuracy.

And if you didn’t know, this is the same gun that was featured on the Feature Weapons TV show, where a US Navy Seal shot a human size target situated 2530 yards (3 out of shots).

7. M21 Weapon System

Here’s another one from America. The M21 also ranks among the best sniper rifles, since its introduction in 1969. It still enjoys heavy usage in the USA today.

The reason behind the design of this rifle came from the need for USA army to use a high accuracy rifle in the Vietnam War. Basically a semi-automatic rifle (and an adaptation of M14), it features a feed system of a 5-, 10-, or 20-round box magazine that you can easily detach.

It also ranks among the sniper rifles that come with NATO cartridge space. To be precise, it features a 7.62×51mm chamber for the cartridge.

8. Dragon SVD

Dragon SVD is a perfect example of sturdily constructed and highly reliable sniper rifle that was developed by the Soviet Union.

The development of this rifle began in 1958 and was introduced into the field in 1963 up to date. Dragon SVD is a semi-automatic rifle, with a 10-round detachable box magazine. It comes with a barrel length of 620mm.

It’s also important to note that this rifle comes with a short stroke gas piston system. Mind you, it was initially designed as squad support weapon.


PSGI is a top-rated sniper rifle, proudly designed by the renowned German company- Heckler and Koch in 1972. Today, this rifle is still a darling for both military and police unit the world over.

Its root unleashes “not soo good” memories as its idea was conceived following the horrible Munich massacre at the Summer Olympics of 1972. It was concluded that the West Germany police couldn’t engage the terrorists quickly and stop them from killing their hostages.

Thus, there was a need for a better rifle- with high accuracy and semi-automatic attributes- for both police and military use.

H & K was commissioned to come up with such a rifle. And they couldn’t come up with a better product than PSGI. The rifle is characterized by high accuracy, semi-automatic operation, and a large magazine capacity.

10. L42 Enfield

Meet the legendary Enfield sniper rifle. The earliest models of this rifle were introduced into the Royal Forces in the 1980s. The L42 was later launched in 1970 and went up to 1990. Up to date, many variants of L42 Enfield are still in use and have fought countless wars.

This UK’s bad boy is a bolt-action model gun. Its magazine fed, repeating rifle. And it can hit targets at around 1.829m.

Some of the wars it has been used in by the British Empire military forces include WW1, WW2, Irish War of independence, and Second Boer War.

Final Verdict

So, these are the ten best and most popular sniper rifles in the world today. All the above models were picked based on their range capabilities, firing power, accuracy, penetration, and reliability.

These rifles simply NEVER disappoint!

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