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Top 10 Assault Rifles: The Ultimate List Of Great Ones

Your search for the best assault rifle ends here and now!

After spending weeks of researching, comparing, and so much more work, I finally came up with my ultimate list of the TEN best of the best assault rifles.

And without wasting a single second, I want to walk you through each of these rifles so that you may get to know what each of them entails and what makes them the best.

1. Heckler and Koch HK416

Opening our ultimate list of assault rifles is the Heckler and Koch HK416, initially designed for the German military.

A favorite for all law enforcement agencies the world over, this is one of the most reliable rifles available today. It comes with a gas piston system, meaning it’s gas-operated. It comes with an average size that you can hold comfortably.

There’s no limit to the number of scopes you can attach to this gun for distance firing. Other features include a carbine, subcompact system, and even a grenade launcher.


Coming second is the FN SCAR, which traces its origin in Belgium. The fact that it’s used by the special forces as well as the elite law enforcement agencies and the United States Special Operations Command qualifies it to rank among the top-rated assault rifles.

Regarding design, FN SCAR is also a gas operated model that offer you several fire options. It provides you with up to 3 barrel options that you can easily replace within seconds to suit your specific assault rifle needs.

Besides, the gun shoots up to 20 rounds at a go and works with ammunition from different riles. Other factors that make this weapon a top pick include the lightweight design, accuracy, and ease of use.

3. M16 Rifle

AT position three, we have the American equivalent of a high precision rifle- the M16. For those who don’t know, M16 was primarily a development of the 1950s’ Armalite AR-15 rifle. It was labeled the standard rifle for the American army back in 1969.

Its magazine holds up to 20 rounds, meaning the rifle allows you to fire the same number at a time. Similar to all the other top of the line rifles, it can also be operated automatically or semi-automatically. Surprisingly, it has a range of 550m (601 yards).

Above all, M16 is made from lightweight materials and features an ergonomic design- making it easy to operate for all shooters. Additional pros of this rifle include smooth shooting and reduced recoil.

4. Heckler and Koch G36

Also from Germany, we have Heckler and Koch G36. This particular assault rifle was designed in the 1990s as a replacement for the G3 battle rifle.

Like all the models we’ve previously discussed, G36 is also gas operated. It feeds from a 30-round box magazine that’s fully detachable or 100-round C-mag drum magazine. What makes it even better is the fact that it allows you to shoot underwater or mud without interfering with its precision.

On top of all this, it also features a grenade launcher, has a duel sight system for increased accuracy, lightweight design, and it’s easy to operate.

5. Tavor TAR-21

Straight from Israel, we have the Tavor TAR-21, which was first used by the Israel military. Today, the rifle is still regarded as the standard option for the infantry.

The incredibly tough firearm is also gas operated. Replacing the barrel in this gun takes only a few seconds, allowing you to use it for different functions. It also ranks among the few rifles that perform exceptionally well when used for long-range shooting. It can fire 30 rounds per at a go.

Thanks to the shorter barrel design, this gun extremely easy to carry. It has space for installation of the grenade launcher. This is an absolutely accurate and reliable weapon for you.

6. Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG is a popular army weapon that was developed by the Austria government. Unlike most of its rivals, this gun can shoot a target 300 meters away. Plus it features a grenade launcher for added convenience.

Just like all the other top-rated assault rifles, it's also gas operated and offers you selective fire option. Besides, it presents you with barrels which let you to easily change its function to suit your specific needs.

The coolest part about this rifle is the different firing modes it provides you with. Pulling the trigger halfway fires only one shot; pulling it back makes it an automatic weapon. Isn’t that amazing?

7. Galil

Also from Israel, Galil too has a place on our list of the best of the best assault weapons.

The integration of a number of chambers in this rifle sites it from other guns. The modified gas system included means it’s also gas-powered, just like all the other models we’ve described above. It also comes with a feature that dramatically minimizes kickback effect that’s common in other rifles.

Keep in mind that Galil can shoot up to 35 rounds at a go. And its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use for you.

8. AK 103

It’d be a big mistake to end our list without naming a rifle from Russia, so here we go…the AK 103 was made in Russia by the Russian army and for the Russian military.

One thing I love about this gun is that it uses extremely small size ammunition (7.62 x 39mm). Despite this, the weapon offers you excellent penetration as well as stopping power, so it’ll meet all your shooting needs.

The sturdiness injected into this model by its manufacturers enables it to withstand all forms of abuse, including being thrown, dropped, etc. it’s extremely easy to maintain and use for shooters of all skill levels.


FAMAS is also a “beast” that makes other assault rifles pale in comparison. Made in France in 1981, the gun enjoyed unparalleled usage in Afghanistan War and Gulf War.

The best thing about this firearm is its great firing capabilities of up to 1100 minutes per minute. What’s more, it has an excellent muzzle velocity of 925m/s. It offers you an effective range of up to 450m to help you easily take down objects long distances away.

Because it comes with bull-pup design, the magazine is fitted right behind the trigger. It also employs the lever-delayed blowback type of action, synonymous with machine guns and prototypes. All these impressive features plus excellent performance makes FAMAS a top assault rifle for many.

10. SIS SG 550

Last (but definitely not the least), we’ve got the SIS SG 550, which was initially designed for use by the Swiss Army.

Today, the gun enjoys a widespread popularity, with all Special Forces across relying on it. This gun is gas operated and has select-fire capabilities. It can fire up to 20 rounds at the same time, plus there’s a magazine that you can attach to it to enable you to load it easily and quickly.

The rifle also features a scope that you can easily attach if targeting an object that’s miles away. Even better, using the red dot illuminated scope alongside this gun improves your accuracy significant.

SIS SG 550 is doubtlessly one of the most accurate and reliable assault rifles in existence today. You can even set it on auto-fire and continue using it comfortably.

Final Thoughts

There you have it guys! The list of the ten best, baddest assault rifles available today. All the models I’ve mentioned in this post have met the set criteria for assault rifles, including the ability to use an intermediate cartridge and select-fire capabilities.

 Additionally, these modes have even better controllability and accuracy that set them from all the assaults you’ve ever come across.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Assault Rifles: The Ultimate List Of Great Ones”

  1. U B wrong
    magazine capacity-20, 30, 60, 90, 120-
    all available in 2017
    might want to update you post
    M16 Rifle

    AT position three, we have the American equivalent of a high precision rifle- the M16. For those who don’t know, M16 was primarily a development of the 1950s’ Armalite AR-15 rifle. It was labeled the standard rifle for the American army back in 1969.

    Its magazine holds up to 20 rounds

  2. Also recommend placing photo(s) of the individual
    firearms as a further buy in.
    I use many semi-automatics. Favorite- AR-15 with upper
    Olympic Arms 7.62×39 with,20,30,40+90 magazines.
    As reliable as AR-15/5.56, but will easily blasted thru
    white oak 14″ diameter fresh firewood. Not so with 5.56!

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