remington r51 gen 2 review

Remington R51 Gen 2 Review: Advantages and Problems

Firearms are known to be second in line of importance when one considers the safety of a country. In our era where a woman is of equal significance as of a man, nobody can be debarred from the use of arms.

And those who say that only our soldiers are responsible for our safety, they should be aware of the fact that our security is in our own hands. Our soldiers would do the needful, but helping them through difficult times would make their job a lot easier.

Remington r51 is a lightweight, compact, 9mm handgun. Further, we have provided its review to let you understand its descriptions and its working, after all, it is our safety we are talking about, we cannot afford to take it lightly.

Overall Disadvantages or Drawbacks of the Remington R51

Remington r51 was initially launched in December 2013 at the Gunsite Academy, it achieved colossal praise from the press and was known to be the best of its kind, till the flaws started showing up as soon as it hit the shelves, so, let us take a look at the Remington r51 problems.

  1. LowMass Production

The company was probably not ready for such an overwhelming response and did not expect the Remington r51 review to be so fantastic. Its mechanics were great and had innovative architecture, but because it practiced extreme quality control, it could not ship more than 3000 models.

Hence, many who wanted to purchase the weapon were let down due to its unavailability.

  1. Not Announcing Reliability Call

After finding out certain other defects as well, the Remington r51 problems were yet not disclosed to the public through an official announcement.

The consumers were on their own and had to find out themselves that were deceived when it came to the Remington r51 review.

  1. False Promotion

Gun writers and gun magazines were being paid for positive reviews after the launch of the Remington r51to neutralize the defects and the raging consumers. This kept on growing on the internet at a high-frequency, and at last, ended after working as fuel in the fire for the customers.

After a long wait, it was relaunched in July in 2014 and was known as the generation 2 and people were eager to know about the Remington r51 gen 2 review, after being disappointed by the Remingtonr 51 problems.

In an attempt to rectify all the previous defects, they came up with several schemes, out of which one of them was that the R51 could be exchanged for 1911 R1 without any extra cost or they could just return the R51and get the price which was going on in the market.

Overall Review of the Advantages of the Remington R51

The investment made to fix the gun was probably a lot more than that was required, but the enterprise was hell-bent on getting it right as they were the oldest gun makers in America and it was a matter of pride to them.

The following are Remingtonr 51 Gen 2 Review and its advantages:

  1. Smooth and Easier to Use

The changes made in Remington r51 gen 2, made the gun real smooth, such as the trigger was incredibly crisp and when it was reset it is not that audible but could be easily felt by the gun holder.

It contained changed recoil to allow the gun to kick hard. It allowed firing seven shots into a 10-inch kill zone, which was at a distance of 3 yards within just a second.

  1. Lightweight with Better Grip

The second generation R51 was extraordinarily lightweight and used an aluminum frame, the grip safety did not pose any issues and could be easily felt when the safety was disengaged.

It had undergone a lot of testing, and even its speed gold dot possessed no problem. In short, the Remington r51 second generation reviews were on point this time and received an even better response from the customers.

  1. New Aluminum Frame Made it Rust Resistance

The new aluminum frame of remington r51 gen 2 made sure that the gun became rust resistant and now would require minimal periodic servicing. The new grips installed were also crack proof. Such factors made sure that the longevity of the gun stayed intact.

Final Thoughts

After the Remington R51 review, it can be safely stated that, whether it is a civilian or a soldier, the need for a firearm is felt by every individual. We are all concerned about our safety.

However, it is important to note that weapons must be used to bring peace and not misuse them to cause trouble.

But of course, its usage is to be found only under unforeseen circumstances and after proper formal training. Gun violence has killed millions over the years, and we are still finding a way to stop it. Hopefully, the Remington  r51 second generation will help and allow you to make your surroundings more peaceful.

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