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Remington Model 7 Review: Things You Should Know!

Remington Model 7 rifle is one of its kind, and it needs no introduction.

The rifle is very light and is best suited for shooting in thick areas, and one can also take it while on a long trek on hills. 

This model is basically a carbine version of Remington Model 700 but comparatively has a short action.

Remington Model 7 Laminate Review

If you are an enthusiast – and pretty much love to shoot some asses every now and then – Remington products might get your attention already. But you can’t trust the sales page information, right?

Gotcha, let’s have a short overview of it below;

Engineering Perks

Remington Model 7 has a front locking and a two-lug action along with a bolt lift. The barrel of the gun is free floating and has a short lock time.

Its receiver is machined through bar stock while the recoil rug is a steel washer, which is inserted between the steel and the barrel of the rifle.

remington model 7 reciever

Accordingly, the bolt face of the rifle is surrounded by the case head and is completely recessed.

The “three rings of steel” which consist of the recessed bolt face, forward receiver ring and breech end of the barrel contribute in the action strength of the Remington Model 7 rifle.

One of the attractive combinations of the rifle is its bolt body, which is engine-turned and has a blued bolt handle.

Plunger Ejector

There is one plunger ejector in the rifle, which is clambered on to the bolt face and is quite reliable.

The presence of a circlip in the bolt face snaps over the rim of the case when the bolt is closed. It serves as the extractor to the rifle. Plus,  it works quite well despite the fact that it is not strong enough.

Reloading Port

The reloading port of Remington Model 7 rifle is comparatively small, but not as little as compared to the European Rifles. This results in the stiffer actions of the rifle. However, the reloading port slows down the procedure.

Effortless Triggering

It does not take much effort to adjust the triggers of the rifle. One can improve the triggers of Remington Model 7 with the help of two screws.

Safety Features

Remington has focused on the safety of the shooters with a straightforward two position type. One can use it quite comfortably.

The forward position of the rifle is “fire” whereas the back position is the “safe”. You must check before operating the rifle that it can be operated in the “safe” mode.

This is done to save those people who become careless and keep their fingers off of the trigger while unloading the rifle.

Convenient Thoughts

The bolt release of Remington Model 7 is a very tiny button, which is shaped in a square and is located in front of the model. Manufacturers of the rifle have made the trigger guard bow of Remington Model 7 calibers a bit bigger in size and slightly ahead of the trigger to adjust the heavy gloves.

When the rifle is empty, it feels smoother in action than compared to its competitors. This is because the extra friction created by the external extractors is absent.


The laminated stock of the Remington Model 7 rifle comes with a blue polished carbon steel and has a hardwood stock.

It looks quite attractive with the brown color on it. The company also supplies adjustable iron sights and the studs for detachment of sling swivels. Hardwood stock is attached to a hinged magazine store plate.

Design & Craft

The basic design of Remington Model 7 laminate introduces a blend of modern and classic style.

And you can position its eye suitably for its usage with a telescopic sight. The pistol grip of the model has an average tight curve.

Consequently, the butt pad of the rifle is solid brown rubber, which has a black line spacer. It makes the grip cap look attractive. The point pattern checkering of the rifle is well-executed. You will find its release located in front of the trigger guard.

Things I Liked

  • It’s a miniaturized model 700 receiver
  • Optimized around short action cartridges
  • Comes with adjustable trigger
  • thumbs-o-up
    Sturdy and robust weapon

Things That Sucked

  • There are problems with the bolt freezing in cold weather. Although, this can be fixed with some steps taken.

The Wrap Up

Overall, for all the rifle lovers out there who are fond of shooting while on a trek in hilly areas, Remington has brought to you the Remington Model 7.No doubt, it is one of the best till now, and I am not able to get over it because of its high-quality utilization. What’s you say?

4 thoughts on “Remington Model 7 Review: Things You Should Know!”

  1. I have had several model 7s.I find that a nice leupold 1.5×20 is as quick. As the open sites however due to the length of the rifle I find a 3×9 with see thru rings will cover hills brush and if a 200 yard road happens to come along 308 win.gets both quick jump shots and 200 yards plus covered nicely without all the extra weight of the 700!

  2. I have one model 7 stainless steel that I’ve been using more than 25 years. I live in Central America and had killed a lot of deers even a couple of Jaguars that were killing my livestock.

    I really love it.

    Ernesto Mantica

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