Remington 783 vs. 700: What Are the Key Differences?

There is a lot of confusion going on regarding Remington 783 vs. 700, and which one is ultimately the better!

Actually, Remington has been around the market for very long and known as a trusted gun manufacturer.

These two models are very competitive, as they have an inexpensive price tag and almost the same functions in them.

To wipe off all your confusion, I have come up with a comparison between these two models, and hope it will help you to choose the better one.

Without further ado, let the battle begin.

Comparison of the Must-to-have Functions

I broke down this section into some sections, which are, accuracy, features, price, pros, and cons as well. These will give you a clear image of each model.


Remington 783

This rifle has quite a good accuracy, around an inch and that's very high accuracy according to the price level. In fact, accuracy depends on two things; a good barrel, and a clean trigger.

Remington 783 has a good barrel and clean trigger too, but some other models have much cleaner triggers.

Remington 700

Well, this model is famous for its accuracy, under one inch. And people have claimed that Remington 700 has the out of the box accuracy.

As I said in the earlier section, this rifle has a much lighter trigger, and that is really a big fact when it comes to accuracy.


Remington 783

The thing I loved the most about Remington 783 is their adjustable crossfire trigger, yes you heard it right!  You can adjust the trigger pull weight between 2.5 to 5 pounds, unlike most guns.

Remington has installed a finger safety in the trigger blade and gel-filled pad to minimize the recoil.

It comes with synthetic pillar bedded beefy stock which offers needed grip. This rifle stock is designed in a way that will suit any hand.

On the other hand, the manufacturer also kept in mind the weight issue, and they installed a lightweight stock in order to make it easier for hunters who carry rifle for long distances.

Remington 783 comes with pre-drilled scope mounting holes at the top of the receiver and because of that shooter can install a preferred scope.

A detachable box magazine arrives included with the Remington 783, which I think as a really massive improvement.

Moreover, you can lock the magazine into place with just a click, as the release lever is installed beside the magazine.

Remington 700

This model 700 climbed very high right after the launching. Remington 700 put its name in one of the best-selling rifles, and why not?

Remington 700 has great accuracy and mostly the customizable feature which made shooters crazy about this model.

You can add any rifle parts in this since it is actually best for shooters who want their own customized rifle.

The stock is same as the 783 model and has the same recoil pad. Got a steel sling stud instead of plastic which is really good. Has a safety lock right behind the receiver which ensures no unwanted trigger pull.

I loved the trigger of 700 model; it has got a very light trigger. Bolt and bolt runways are the heart of this rifle, the bolt is very strong and moves quite smooth.

As it is a two lug design, make sure you choose a suitable scope for this rifle. Otherwise, it would be difficult to pull the bolt back.


Remington 783 and 700 has very low price tag compared to others but features which these models offer at such prices, really makes them apart from others. These two model has almost the same price.

Pros - Why Should You Buy?

Remington 783

  • Comes with detachable magazine.
  • Adjustable trigger weight.
  • Lightweight stock.
  • Good barrel.
  • Finger safety

Remington 700

  • High speedy lock.
  • Very light trigger.
  • Comes with a strong bolt.
  • 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge.
  • Fine accuracy.

Cons - Why Shouldn’t You Buy?

Remington 783

  • Weak accuracy compared to a similar model.
  • The barrel heats up quickly.

Remington 700

  • Takes little time to replace the firing pin.

Bottom Line

When it comes to hunting, one feature that every hunter should pay maximum attention is accuracy. Remington 700 has sharp accuracy compared to 783, and I would definitely choose Remington 700 over the other.

3 thoughts on “Remington 783 vs. 700: What Are the Key Differences?”

  1. My Remington .270 700 model would drive nails at 100 yards straight out of the box. I have never and yet to come across a more accurate rifle. I had to adjust the factory scope after approximately 300 rounds, 14 years, and multiple tree knocks while dragging out deer. Awesome weapon 50-400 yards.

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