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Pros And Cons Of Using A Bipod On Your Rifle

Ever wondered what a rifle is?  It is a kind of gun with a spirally grooved barrel intended to make the bullet spin for better accuracy over a long distance. On the other hand, a bipod is an attachment which can be fixed on your rifle to provide support and help steady it. The bipod provides suitable stability along two axis of motion that is the side to side and up and down.

Without much ado let us look into the advantages and disadvantages of using a bipod.


Better accuracy

Bipods provide better stability while shooting. Your rifle does not wobble about when you are aiming at your target.  Instead of putting your elbow on the ground while shooting or pressing on your shoulder while doing the standing position, use these gadgets.

Accuracy is increased tenfold because when you use your natural hands, they tend to jerk with the shots if not firm. These might cause you to miss the target because for you to effectively hit your target, the aim must get followed through.

Provides the needed support

Imagine having to press that rifle on your shoulder all the time. With time you become fatigued, especially if it is a massive machine. These reduces your efficiency. Bipods come in handy, not only will you be relieved from carrying the weight, but your alertness and performance will improve tremendously.

Allows you to do some other tasks

Activities such as changing your magazine or answering the free call get greatly enhanced by the use of a bipod. While ensuring the maintenance of aim, these activities get done without worry.

Increases your maneuverability

Point and shoot your target, whistle on lying position, sitting position or even standing position. A bipod allows you to accomplish these with no large amounts of effort. You can sit there with your rifle pointed in the general direction, you perceive your target might emerge.

Ideal for long distances

A bipod increases your accuracy when shooting greater distances. They are a good bet for distances above 200 yards. We have various types and sizes of bipods; there are those extended ones which allow you shoot while standing.

Suitable for areas with lots of covers

Bipods can be great when used in places that have a lot of cover. Urban centers are an example of such zones. You can hide rifle behind a wall, only allowing the muzzle show a bit, then do your thing without getting noticed.

But, Places with few covers and ones that need lots of vigorous movements such as battle fronts may not be appropriate

Handy for open country

Although a bit heavy, fixed bipods can come in well, especially for those who love open country hunting. It turns a mediocre shooter into a marksman. These bipods act as benchmarks from where you can take your shots.

The long ones practically allow you to take shots while sitting. Make sure you learn how to use them before going to hunt.

Apart from having a brighter side, bipods too have some disadvantages. Let us look at some of them.


For a running shot it might be difficult to follow through

In case you have missed your target, and it changes direction abruptly, it can proof to be a bit difficult to follow it with a shot. These happens when the bipod gets stuck on the ground where it got placed. By the time you sort this out, your target will be long gone.

Some end up catching the ground

The main culprit for these are the extended bipods. They tend to grab the ground and tilt when moved. And when they tilt to accommodate the terrain they become loose hence rendered ineffective.

Might be bulky

Having extra loads to carry around, apart from your rifle might not be a fun thing. They come with their storage bags, and you have to carry them along with you, wherever you go. Some take your time to assemble and set them.

Sharper recoil

Most shooters have experienced these. While on a bipod the rifle tends to recoil sharply, these can be of disservice to your shoulder if you know what I mean.

Not useful for short distances

With a predator happening from nowhere at close range, a bipod could even act as an impediment. What you need in that circumstance would be an immediate change of gun direction then pull the trigger, but not trying to find the best location to place your bipod.

Cause random motion

These specifically affect those who go hunting while having their bipods. The movements caused while having that bag pack or setting up the bipod scares the game away. For you to efficiently hunt animals, you must approach their habitat with the slightest movement and noise. Consider abandoning them when going for such adventures.

May damage some parts of the gun

Bipods may ruin some parts of your rifle, for example, the stock. It can pull the swivel loose thus destroy the weapons balance.

May not suit some applications

Of you may want to use them in some places such where we do have things like sandbags you might find them not suitable. Apart from being clumsy, they may tend to get stuck on this sandbags; hence, may cost you a great deal.

Other limitations are that, some of them don’t fit in well in their cases and some models are out rightly ugly for those who consider aesthetic values.


Bipods can be valuable assets if you own a rifle. Whether you are a hunter, a security agent or even just a home owner, these attachments can help you a great deal. Not only will you enjoy your endeavors but your efficiency will increase.

On the other hand, bipods do also have their shortcomings. Therefore, it is upon to you to choose to buy them or not, depending on your need at hand.

Choosing a proper bipod for your rifle might be a difficult task, but with proper knowledge, you will get a suitable one for you. Consult the proper avenues, get the most appropriate one and shoot away!

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  1. Richard Thompson

    I’ve given up using a bipod, I use either a natural rest or a backpack.
    They’re useless if vegetation. Is over 9″ high, or even less, for ultimate accuracy, I shoot better from a rest.
    Moreover, most of my hunting doesn’t involve much prone shooting.

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