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Parts Of A Shotgun: Explained In A Simple Way For Beginners

If you’re new to the shooting world, you’d definitely grow some interest in knowing the different parts that make up your newly acquired shotgun.

As you know, different shotguns come from various manufacturers and featured different designs. Nevertheless, they all share some basic components that we’ll discuss in the following post…

Parts Of A Shotgun:


Part of the gun held/braced against the shooter's body. It allows you to easily hold, point and fire your firearm.


The action is tasked with loading, firing, and unloading the ammunition.


This is the part of your gun where the bullet travels when fired. The size of barrel determines the width of cartridge used, which then determines the firearm’s gauge.


Based inside the gun structure, the extractors are responsible for releasing the cartridges from the barrels. If you fire your gun, the extractor simply ejects it out. Otherwise, it pulls the cartridge rim out of the barrel to make it easy to remove.


The part of your gun you hold against the shoulder during firing.


A small lever that’s squeezed or pulled to initiate the firing process. To do this, it releases the sear and then the hammer, which in turn allows the spring to release, forcing the hammer to go through the striker holes and into the action body- resulting in release of the bullet.

Trigger Guard

As the name implies, this is a guard for the trigger that’s fitted at the bottom of the trigger plate.


The container that comes with repeating firearms. It’s used for holding the ammunition before ts loaded into the chamber and usually comes with a tubular or box shape attached to receiver.


The visual indicator for pointing your shotgun.


The end of the barrel away from the shooter where the projectile (shot or bullet) exists the gun.


A bolt simply holds the barrels when you fire cartridges. It’s disengaged using the top lever.


A mechanical device that helps block the trigger or hammer, such that no accidental discharge can take place.


Also known as forestock, the fore end ensures that the barrels are supported by the action hook. It does this by keeping the barrels from detaching off the breech face’s action body.


The raised part section along the top of your gun barrel that acts as the sighting plane.

Final Verdict

That’s it! These are the key components you’ll find in all the shotguns- regardless of their diverse designs or whether they come from different manufacturers.

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  1. What’s the part the holds your bullets in place and keeps them from moving in the magazine you can see it when the shotgun is empty

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