Ohuhu Bipod Review – How Good Are These?

Looking for the best bipod has probably taken you plenty of time, and you still haven’t come up with a proper mounting accessory for your rifle. Even though there are many popular bipods like the Harris brand, they have certain disadvantages that make them not suitable for every shooter.

To add to the diversity of options in the market, we have the Ohuhu bipods.

They may not have the same popularity than other brands, but that doesn’t take away anything away from them. If you know how to use their features to your advantage, Ohuhu bipods can compete against the high-quality models from other manufacturers.

So, what do these bipods have to offer?

Solid and Durable Construction

Ohuhu takes pride in meeting different shooter’s expectations by producing bipods for many types of rifle enthusiasts. But, regardless of how you intend to use it, everyone agrees on the high-quality materials for their construction.

One of the preferred models for people who’ve used Ohuhu bipods is the Ohuhu Tactical Bipod. It is a clear example of how amazing Ohuhu accessories are, with a solid construction, different height settings, and suitable for high-demanding tasks like snipe hunting.

This bipod, like most of the other Ohuhu models, is a heavy-duty accessory featuring hardened steel as well as high-quality aluminum. It comes with a rusting black and beautiful anodized finish.

The quality of the materials used for the construction of their bipods ensures the amount of abuse Ohuhu can withstand. They make sure you have a reliable tool capable of putting up with the weight of your rifle without failing, breaking, or getting damaged by rust or corrosion.

Comfortable Adjustment Settings

In reality, there isn’t anything innovative for the height settings of the Ohuhu bipods that you can’t find in other brands. However, it is not like they can do much in this area.

Still, one of the best things they have to offer is the different height settings to make your shooting as comfortable as possible, and they succeed at it.

There are many Ohuhu models out there, each one offering their unique adjustable leg length. Some of them are capable of providing 5 length settings, and they include the return springs, too. This variety of length extension increases the versatility of the bipods.

Nonetheless, after using a couple of the Ohuhu bipods, there are many advantages that you can have from the adjustment mechanisms. One of those advantages is that you can attach it or detach quickly from the rifle through the included mounting system.

The Ohuhu Tactical Bipod, which we’re using as a reference because it is one of the manufacturer’s best products, includes a very functional swivel stud system to attach and mount the rifle.

But, even if you’re not a particular fan of their mounting methods, you can get an adapter, and it will work just fine with your rifle. A majority of Ohuhu bipods include their exclusive adapters, like one for the Picatinny rail.

A Reliable Platform

A frustrating issue you might face while using low-quality bipods is a faulty platform that doesn’t keep up with the firepower of the rifle. If you’ve had this problem in the past, you probably are well aware of how inconvenient it is, not to say dangerous, too.

Ohuhu bipods offer a sturdy platform that you can tighten up without issues, and it won’t wobble. The sturdy platform is as efficient as the ones you’d find in more expensive models.

However, as a precaution method, make sure to check the screws aren’t loose before starting your activities. It is a quick process that doesn’t require much effort, and it only improves the bipod’s performance.

Bipods Easy to Transport

Despite having a sturdy base and heavy-duty design, the light weight of the Ohuhu bipods is another one of their advantages. It makes it easier to carry and transport from home to the shooting range.

While using it, you won’t have to worry about getting your muscles exhausted before even starting the action.

So, How Good are the Ohuhu Bipods?

Undoubtedly, while looking for high-quality bipods, most shooters turn their sights to Harris or Atlas models. There’s a reason why those are the favorite choices of professionals.

Either way, the Ohuhu bipods are right there to provide an alternative to those brands.

We consider that Ohuhu still has a long way to go before competing head-to-head with those brands, but they’ve come a long way and, so far, their accessories have become very reliable for many people.

In a short and clear answer to whether or not the Ohuhu bipods are good, they one hundred percent are. Having as many alternatives as possible in the market only helps to assist every kind of shooter out there.


There are many reasons why Ohuhu is a suitable choice if you’re looking for a new and improved bipod. It still has a long road ahead before competing against outstanding bipods, like Harris models, but it is getting there.

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