Mossberg 500 vs. 590: What Are the Differences between them?

A shotgun is always an interesting topic for most people. There are a bunch of peoples who are always sneaking for a shotgun well fitted to their demand. And whenever hunters think about shotguns, Mossberg is the brand that crosses their mind most often. No kidding!

Well, today I am gonna talk about two Mossberg models which are 500 and 590. There are many debates regarding these two models, and this very article will clarify most of your confusions.  

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Mossberg 500


If you have never used a shotgun before then, Mossberg 500 is a perfect weapon to get started with. Mossberg 500 is very lightweight (7.24 lbs) and strong weapon. Plus, after being so lightweight, this shotgun is ready for any heavy-duty work.

Not only that, Mossberg 500 is stuffed into the police cruiser and recently they proved themselves as a reliable and effective combat weapon.

The barrel length is 24 inches, and the whole shotguns length is 44.25 inches which are small compared to other models. You can switch the barrel very simply; just unscrew the magazine knob, pull action slightly, and place the preferred barrel in the receiver.

This 500 has aluminum alloy receiver, and the alloy frame is rust resistant.

Mossberg 500 is able to shoot 12-gauge ammunition. This model has some other effective features also.

These include; dual extractor, steel to steel bolt lockup, dual action bar, top mounted safety, vent ribbed barrel, and field strip.

Mossberg 590


This model comes with 14-1/2” LOP (length of pull) and black synthetic standard stock. Mossberg offers different stock options so that you can choose any. There are also different aftermarket options available for Mossberg 590 including, grip, stocks, barrel, thumb-hole, etc.

Mossberg 590 is a quite heavy weapon but don't forget; a heavy weapon helps to aim better. Shouldering this shotgun is also pretty comfy and if you are a small framed shooter, make sure you test the gun before making any purchase decision.

This shotgun will suit in anyone’s hand; the manufacturer designed it in that way. People who want their customized gun, good news for them, the Mossberg 590 is extremely customizable and have lots of aftermarket options.

The barrel length is 20 inches, and overall length of the shotgun is 41 inches. 590 offers decent fire range, and the manufacturer has installed an anti-jam elevator and twice action bar in order to enhance reliability.

It has a strong barrel, steel safety, and steel trigger guard. People who are sneaking for a home defensive shotgun, Mossberg 590 is good to carry with.

Key Differences between Mossberg 500 and 590

Magazine Tube Design

The biggest difference you should pay extra attention to is the magazine tube design. In 500 models, the magazine is closed at the muzzle end, on the other hand, it is open at the muzzle end in 590.

The Trigger and Safety

Both models have the same trigger guard, barrels, and safety style but Mossberg 590 has ghost ring slight and bayonet lugs which are not available in 500 model.

Mossberg 500 has plastic trigger and plastic safety while the manufacturer has installed steel trigger, thick barrel, and steel safety in model 590.


As I said earlier, model 590 has a thick barrel, steel trigger, and safety while 500 integrates a plastic made safety and trigger. So undoubtedly Mossberg 590 is the more durable option here.


The 590 and 500 both are suitable for security work, home defense, and police duty.However, model 500 holds only 5 rounds in magazine tube where 590 holds 8 rounds. Model 590 is suited for harsher conditions.


I think everyone should put their concern on quality instead of price. Nevertheless, Mossberg 500 is slightly cheaper than the 590 variations, but that’s pretty obvious as 590 is more durable and advanced.

Bottom Line

If you have eyed through the entire article, by now, you should know which one is better.

To me, Mossberg 590 is the better one as it is more durable and advanced than Mossberg 500. Though 590 is little expensive than 500, again, that is also worth buying.

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