How to String a Bow with a Bow Stringer

How to String a Bow with a Bow Stringer?

Have you ever tried to string your bowstring without a stringer and ended up hurting yourself? Well, it’s pretty common scenario if you’re a beginner. Besides, even the pro archers sometimes face trouble.

Stringing improperly or trying without a stringer can lead to some serious danger. And not to mention, it does harm your favorite bow too. To help you in this, let us introduce you to bow stringers. Read on and learn about how to string a bow with it, and you’ll be good to go.

What Is a Bow Stringer?

Before jumping on to using a stringer, spare a couple of minutes to know what it really is. Well, it’s a very simple tool with two parts only — an elastic cord attached to two limb cups or limb blocks. There can be the ones with one limb block and one limb cup as well.

What Is a Bow Stringer

However, our recommendation is to get one with either two cups or two blocks. So, what does a bow stringer do? With this thing, you can safely put the string without causing any kind of injury to you or your bow.

You’ll need this while unstringing your bow as well. Let’s get to the point; why you should get your hands on it and how you can use it.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Bow Stringer?

Typically, your bow comes with a stringer. So you may ask, why buy another one? Okay, let us reveal that even the most expensive bows don’t come with the best quality stringers. If you are very lucky, you might get one that is reasonably good, but even not good enough to match the cheapest ones you can buy otherwise.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Bow Stringer

And safety doesn’t have a price on it. If you have a strong bow, we say, you must buy a stringer. Without it, the bow limbs face uneven pressures that may lead to losing their flex. And needless to say it’s very dangerous.

So not getting a bow stringer is like spending a crapload of money on getting the best bike but not spending a few more to buy a bike lock.

Can You Keep the String on?

That is one frequently asked question about using bows. You may have seen many people putting the string on and storing it like that, without unstringing it. So, you might feel that it’s okay to keep it with the string on.

Can You Keep the Bow String on

A big NO to storing bows like that! If you don’t unstring it, the bow limbs will be in the same tension for a long period and might lose elasticity and deform permanently.

However, an advanced bow with multiple carbon layers or synthetic foam doesn’t deform easily; nevertheless, you don’t want someone dry firing your bow.  So, it’s better to remove the strings before storing the bow.

How to String a Bow with a Bow Stringer?

This job doesn’t require great skill. However, you need to follow some steps to prevent doing any harm to the bow limbs.

Assemble Your Bow

In case you bought it from a nearby archery shop, they would help you assembling your three-piece bow. If you ordered online, follow the instruction correctly, and install the limbs.

Once the limbs are installed, the next thing to do is to put them on the string. And there are two different sized loops on it.

Assemble Your Bow

The larger one goes on top of the upper limb and the smaller one to the bottom limb. You need to slide on the larger loop over the top limb and place the smaller loop on the tip of the bottom limb yourself.

And you mustn’t try stretching the string up to the top grove; keep it relaxed.

Put on the Stringer

If your stringer has two cups, look carefully, both are not the same size. One is a shallow cup, and the other one is a deep cup. And the shallow one goes to the top limb tip, exposing the string groves. The deep cup on the stringer goes on the bottom limb tip, over the string and grove.

Now String the Bowstring

As the bowstring is relaxed, hold the bow horizontally with your dominant hand near the upper tip. Lower the bow keeping it horizontally, and step on the stringer at the middle. It is better to bend while stepping.

Some archers easily string with one step on, but we recommend to step on with both feet at shoulder-width apart. While standing on, make sure you don’t apply more pressure on one foot than the other.

archers easily string

Next, pull the bow with your one hand, the non-dominant one with your feet stepped on the stringer cord. While drawing, make sure you don’t pull too high. Up to your waist is ideal.

And finally, slide the top loop of the stringer gently to the top grove. Don’t release the bow immediately; check if the string is fit properly. Once it’s well fitted, slowly lower the bow and remove your feet.


Woah, you have passed the most daunting step. Now remove the stringer and hold your bow vertically just like you do while shooting. Check if the top string loop slips or not. If not, you are all set to do some shooting.

Following the steps properly, your top loop shouldn’t slip. Nevertheless, if it does, you might want to consider following the steps once again.

How Not to String a Bow?

Knowing ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’ is not always enough. To prevent any and every danger, you need to know what not to do as well.

Well, the answer is, don’t string without a stringer. However, you will see some archers doing it just fine. And there are some methods like the step-through and the push-pull method to string without a stringer. But both are not recommended.

Why? Because there is a high chance of the bow limb getting twisted. You may not notice it initially, but the unequal pressures on the limb every time stringing cause long-term damage and impact your bow’s durability. And you don’t want your expensive bow to become useless within months.

Can a Bow Stringer Improve Your Archery?

Yes, you can. Using a stringer is like taking care of your bow and keeping it healthy. And, the better you take care of your bow, the more improvement you are likely to do. The simple tool is recommended whether you are a beginner or doing it for a long time.

Other troubles may include hurting your finger during bow drawing the bow, and to overcome those, you can have a wrist sling and a string silencer. To learn more, check out the best bowstring silencers and best wrist slings.

Wrapping Up

Well, that was all about how to string a bow with a stringer. We also tried to incorporate valuable insights on why a stringer is necessary. However, getting one or not, we are leaving it to you. Nevertheless, we are affirmative that you are inclined to use a stringer to string your bowstring if you have reached so far.

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