How Long Should a Bow Stabilizer Be

How Long Should a Bow Stabilizer Be? Is Longer Better?

Since you’re here, it’s obvious that you’re in archery. And we won’t be wrong if we think that you’re familiar with a bow stabilizer. Well, you know that it has got enormous advantages to offer starting from balancing weight, vibration as well as torque.

However, in order to get the full benefit, you need to get the right length stabilizer. But the question that makes your head spin is how long should a bow stabilizer be. Now, it’s a valid question that you’ve got up inside your skull!

No worries, we’ll clear up all your heebie-jeebies regarding the length so that you can easily pick one according to your need.

The Function of a Stabilizer

Before we take you to the discussion of the length of a stabilizer, let’s first give you a brief idea of the purpose.

The rod screwed into the front of a bow riser is called a stabilizer. You’ll see that most of the bows nowadays have one of them screwed on. However, there are short ones, long ones, skinny ones. So, what is the reason for having a stabilizer?

The Function of a Stabilizer

A bow stabilizer essentially does three things. It minimizes vibration, dampens the sound to make a silent shot, and adds weight to the front of your bow to make it steady. All these factors help to improve your accuracy.

Well, the important part is the added weight. Though extra weight isn’t always good, if placed carefully at the end of your bow, it can be advantageous. This wll absorb the dynamic energy into that place. It’ll also help you to balance your bow before you take the shot delivering a smooth release.

However, all stabilizers can’t do all of these functions equally as some are made to absorb shock while others to lend balance.

Different Lengths of Stabilizer

You’ll find high quality stabilizers for bows of different lengths. And their lengths actually determine how they’re going to perform.

Under 10-inch

These are typically lighter weight stabilizers that don’t actually get affected by the wind. As well, they calm the riser vibration along with reducing the bow jump.

Under 10-inch Bow Stabilizer

If you’re going to hunt or doing long treks through brushy areas or thick woods, you should choose this stabilizer. Its small size will help you to shoot from constricted areas like a hunting blind or dense forests. Plus, it fits in a bow case easily if you attach a stabilizer under 7-inches.

So, if you want to avoid heavyweight yet want a smoother shot, this stabilizer is the one for you. Besides, it’s the best option for beginners who have just stepped into archery.

Within 10 to 15-inch

These medium length stabilizers will help you to keep your pin fixed on the target. And most importantly, they integrate removable weights so that you can customize your bow depending on the environment. If you’re going to shoot in open areas, then this stabilizer is the right one for you.

A 12 or 14-inch stabilizer is the best option for you, specifically when you’re hunting in wide-open spaces. These mid-length stabilizers can dampen vibration and give good balance making it an ideal choice for hunters.

Within 10 to 15-inch Bow Stabilizer

Aside from that, such type of stabilizer will also extend your range. As a result, you won’t need to get quite as near to the prey you’re stalking.

Moreover, this type of stabilizer will help you to shoot hundreds of arrows when you’re training. And the reason behind that is its capacity of providing good stability along with a manageable weight level.

Within 16 to 30-inch

These long length stabilizers are mostly used by the target as well as Olympic archers. You may see some bowhunters also using these stabilizers, but it’s quite rare.

If you want to increase the moment of inertia, this type of stabilizer is the most effective one. Generally, they are built from carbon fiber or titanium to reduce the overall weight and settling time.

Within 16 to 30-inch

Well, stabilizers with large-diameter tubes that are over .625-inches are remarkable for both indoor and quiet outdoor ranges. Whereas, small diameter tubes that are under .625-inches are good for indoor as well as windier ranges.

If you want to get the utmost stability while making the shot, you must go for this type of stabilizer.

Is Longer Better?

It’s completely up to you to choose the length of your stabilizer. If you’ve to shot at targets in a game that are not more than 20 yards away, you should get a 6-inch stabilizer. You can also get this lightweight stabilizer if you’re hunting from a ground blind.

On the other hand, if you’ve to shoot at targets that are 70 meters away, you must choose a 30-inch stabilizer for its steadying power.

A longer stabilizer is going to resist more torque of your bow. As a result, your bow is going to be steadier as you aim. But don’t expect that this type of stabilizer will reduce much vibration. However, they can reduce the torque and assist you with balance, if you add some weights on their ends.

On top of that, they can increase your shooting range by 10 yards, if you can use them perfectly.

Final Words

First, think about how you’re going to shoot and where? Then what you’re aiming to shoot at? Thus, you’ll be able to make the decision on how long should a bow stabilizer be. We suggest you try out different lengths and combinations so that you can find out the exact length that fits your needs.

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