Harris Bipod Review – Are These Worth the Hype?

When you want to buy a high-quality bipod for your rifle, you must be aware of everything they have to offer to be a successful bipod.

You must look out for elements like the height settings, swivel mounts, Picatinny rails, and many more. It can be confusing to new rifle users, but what if we tell you there's a certain brand that provides all of that?

There are many brands that have found their place on the mind of hunters over the last decades, but none of them compare to the amount of success the Harris bipod brand has.

Their quality is undeniable. Proof to that statement is that there have been different and new brands trying to copy what they offer, Whether or not the copycats get close to the original is a topic for another article.

Today, we'll be reviewing the best bipod brand currently available: Harris.

Reviewing Harris Bipod

Searching through the market for bipods often takes us back to Harris models again, and again. It should not come as a surprise.

This brand is probably the most popular when it comes to bipod manufacturing. It is well-deserved fame they've gained over the last years because they keep making amazing accessories for rifle users.

Harris bipods are popularly known for being among the easiest to detach and to set up.

They include legs with the spring-load system, which are quick to fold down. This system provides a steady and comfortable rest while shooting, and afterward when you decide it is time to pack up and leave.

Leg Extension

Harris bipods feature spring leg extensions, too. They are capable of being expanded or shortened as you deem necessary. It is a highly functional mechanism that gives an extra layer of flexibility.

Harris also offers a specific line of bipods featuring the swivel base. It is perfect for shooters to level the rifle over different surfaces, including uneven ground.

However, one of the best benefits of using a Harris bipod is that you can attach it to most rifles, it only needs the sling swivel. To do it, look for the attachment device that resembles a claw.

Then, fit the device over the sling swivel. Follow up by tightening the screw. It will be enough to attach the bipod over most rifles.

Another benefit of using the Harris bipods is that they don't keep you from mounting a sling on the rifle, even when they mount through the front sling swivel. They have room to attach the sling directly on the bipod.

Setting It Up

Putting the Harris bipods to use is pretty simple, and quick. Here, the foldable and spring legs come into play once again. To use them, it only requires pulling down and back the legs to get them extended. Once they on position, they lock in place to provide stability.

If you want to retract them, push the button located on the front side of each leg. This process is quick and makes the legs retract completely.

After practicing a couple of times, you'll get it mastered quickly, and the setting up process becomes way much easier.

Overall Performance

The performance of the Harris bipod shows why it is among the best brands today. Their bipods quality is something nobody can ignore. You can use different rifles, and the bipod will provide a stable rest for all of them without losing its functionality or affecting its accuracy.


They are quite affordable, too! Of course, there are some Harris bipods available at a considerable high price, but you can get cheaper models, and they will work just fine for many tasks.

For that reason, they are the best bipods for the money you could find. They are the main recommendation from professional hunters that have tried a large variety of bipods in the past.

Conclusion – Are they Worth the Hype?

There's no escaping the Harris bipods. As a hunter, and rifle enthusiast in general, using one of the Harris bipods is an inevitable activity that you shouldn't ignore, even if it is only to test how good they are.

Nonetheless, denying the quality of these bipods is a foolish mistake that no one should make. They might not be the most affordable bipods, but they make up for it by offering an outstanding performance surpassing most of the bipods available on the market.

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