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Flash Hider vs Muzzle Brake – How To Make The RIght Choice?

When owning a firearm, we often confuse ourselves with flash hider and muzzle brake and the functions of each. They are both very similar, yet miles apart in functionalities whether you believe it or not!

Moreover, it is better to know the right parts when handling firearms or we could be staring at the market end of a hissy fit!

So, what is the catch? Let us see the key features of both:

Flash Hider-

  • Well, first a flash hider or suppressor is an attachment made at the end of the barrel and does precisely as the name suggests. It hides the flash of the firearm caused by the burning of the gunpowder as the bullet shoots out and occurs predominantly in short barrels, this creates a bright visible flash.
  • We can see the target more efficiently due to flash elimination, and the target cannot detect the shot origin.
  • Birdcage design and ports are on the top.
  • Generally includes crush washer.
  • Can be easily threaded to the barrel.
  • Generally used in the high-stress battlefield with heavy firing.

Muzzle Brake-

  • A Muzzle brake is connected to the muzzle of a firearm or even cannons and deflects high velocity-pressure propellant gases to the rear, which reduces chances of recoil of your arm.
  • Ports are on the side, which reduces muzzle rise and recoil.
  • This is generally used in high caliber guns.
  • Most effective type is a silencer when reduces noise and even recoil.
  • Has a compensator that prevents vertical movement of the barrel.

Pros of a Flash Hider-

  • Helps to hide your location during the day or low-light combat and gives better sight of enemies.
  • It reduces night blindness as your eyes recover from the flash very quickly.
  • It reduces vertical recoil.

Cons of It -

  • They leave some carbon on the lugs and do not prevent carbon from getting on the SF bezel to any appreciable amount.
  • Decreases weapon speed.
  • The efficiency reduces with slow firing rifles.
  • Ineffective for handguns and does not suppress recoil.

Pros of Muzzle Brake-

  • It reduces firearm recoil by about 50%.
  • A wide variety of guns can be paired with them.
  • Eliminates muzzle rise or climb and hence, makes the following shots easier.
  • It offers better control during rapid fire.

Cons of It -

  • Some of them can produce sounds loud enough to cause hearing damage.
  • Dust kicks when the gun is fired.
  • Appears more expensive for the same size flash hider.
  • It lacks flash suppression, which can lead to night blindness.

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions on Flash Hiders;

1. Does it cause recoil to increase?

No, it is caused by the placebo effect. It is because the sight is apparent due to the reduction of the flash.

2. Can you attach a flash hider at the end of a rifle barrel even though it is non- threaded?

No, a thread is always required to mount one on the barrel.

3. How does a flash hider work on assault rifles?

It reduces the visible streak while firing by cooling or dispersing the burning gases that exit the muzzle.

Most Frequently Asked Queries onMuzzle Brakes 

1. Will it make my gun louder?

Since most of the blast noise is directed out from the sides, it will make your gun louder.

2. Are muzzle brakes legal?

It depends on the country that you are currently a resident of and their judiciary laws. 

3. Do they reduce accuracy?

No, they will cut recoil by around 40-50 %. Most firearms are unshootable were it not for their brakes. There is also evidence that, particularly with light barrels, using muzzle brakes results in better accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Both the products have their pros, work differently on different weapons, and have advantages in specific situations, and the correct device can enhance performance immensely.

Factors to be considered are barrel length, size, weight, durability desired, and caliber and device compatibility. It even depends on your preference.

The muzzle brake decreases initial fire recoil, that is beneficial to semiautomatic or short bursts and automatic weapons having longer first shot recoil that can bring the consecutive shots off track.

However, a Flash hider is good for nighttime combat excursions making it a little difficult for the enemy to spot you when you are firing. It also decreases the vertical, and to a degree, the horizontal recoil of the first couple of shots and noise is less compared to the former.

Hence, the choice is yours to make according to the weapon in hand. Hope this helps in making the right option for your next mission!

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  1. Need help and advice: Could a WOLF T91 AR15 UPPER 12″ SBR change its flash suppressor with a Brownells AR-15/M16 XM177 flash hider and grenade ring?

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