Do Bow Stabilizers Really Work

Do Bow Stabilizers Really Work?

Watching pro archers hitting the bull’s eye every time is always a delight. And have you ever seen a pro hunter shooting in the woods? Well, that’s even more fascinating.

Now, the common thing you see among the professionals, whether they are shooting in the range or in outdoor, is that they use a lot of extra gear. And one significant attachment you will find is a stabilizer.

Practicing archery for some time, we bet you know what a bow stabilizer is. However, the question that strikes you is, do bow stabilizers really work?  Well, read the article and find out yourself.

What Does a Stabilizer Do?

Stabilizers come in all shapes, sizes, and types. The configuration also differs based on the bow, whether you have a recurve one or a compound one. However, they are designed to serve some common purposes. Let’s have a quick look at them.


One of the primary functions of the stabilizer is to balance your bow at full draw. As it adds weight, it increases the inertia. Meaning, it remains steady while you are aiming.

It can be of two types, the front-end ones that are longer and have the weight at the edge of the rod, and the V-bar and rear bars that provide the sidewise balance against leaning in one direction.


However, it is crucial to keep in mind that not always more weight means steadier bows, and adding too much weight can sometimes be troublesome. You may struggle to hold your bow and experience quicker fatigue.

So, professionals archers recommend experimenting with weight and weight distribution to figure out what works best for you.

Accuracy and Precision

If you are hunting in the woods, you don’t want to miss a single shot, as you know, you probably won’t get the same opportunity next time. And if you tend to hit the middle every time, perfect precision is needed as well.

A stabilizer not only keeps your bow steadier while aiming but allows faster aiming also. As you need to spend less time balancing the bow, you get more time focusing on your aim. This little time difference significantly improves your aim while hunting.


Stabilizers have a dampening component to absorb the vibration produced when you fully draw the bow and release the arrow with a significant amount of force and energy. You feel the shock in your hands without the gear, resulting in a sore arm after multiple shots.

Not only that, such vibration is sure to produce a noise. Most people think the noise to be insignificant, but it can drive the deer or whitetail buck away before the arrow hits, which you have worked so hard trying to aim. So, a stabilizer, absorbing the vibration, allows you to hunt in absolute silence.

Do Bow Stabilizers Really Work?

Did you know that even a typical old-school bow, at 28 inches draw, can launch your arrow at a speed of 40.6 meters per second approximately?

In fact, most modern hunting bows are equipped to effectively produce an acceleration 100 times greater than the highest natural example of uniform acceleration we know of, that is, the acceleration due to gravity.

Yes, that’s huge, and to keep the bow steady and your shot accurate without hurting yourself while generating such force, a stabilizer is a must-have tool.

Do Bow Stabilizers Really Work

If you are moving from beginner level archery to a more advanced level, your couch might have advised you to get one. However, you keep wondering if the tool really works and if it’s a worthy investment. Well, from pro hunters to Olympic archers, you will see all using the attachment. Because it really works!

Indeed, a stabilizer doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to hit the target every time. Instead, it depends on your shot execution and expertise.

Nevertheless, it is a useful attachment to your bow. It provides you with stability and eliminates noise and vibration, which are the key factors in shooting consistently with accuracy and precision.

It’s not just a fancy accessory to give your bow a cooler look; rather, it’s more of a necessity. However, it does make your bow look cool!

Do You Need A Stabilizer?

If you are looking forward to becoming a pro hunter or compete in a tournament with professionals, we would recommend you get a stabilizer.

It’s not like you can’t shoot without it. Of course, you can. What you need to keep in mind is that repeated shooting with great force without any stabilizer can injure your arm and reduce your bow’s shelf life.

This simple tool not only allows you to shoot with ease but eliminates the probability of injuring yourself. And it takes care of your bow too. For further protecting your bow while storing and carrying, make sure to get a bow case.

However, determining which attachment is right for you depends on your comfort and preference. The tool gives room for customizing the weight and length. To find out which one meets your need, you can check out some of the best stabilizers for the bow.

Final Words

There is a lot of fuss about do bow stabilizers really work or not and whether you should get one or not. Some people think it to be a mere waste of money while others find it an obligatory tool. Well, we tried to clear the confusion in this article. Read carefully, and we hope this guides you to make the right decision. Good luck!

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Do bow stabilizers really work? Read this write-up to find out.

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