Dickinson 12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun Review

Dickinson Arms Marine 12-Gauge Tactical Shotgun Review

As a serious hunter looking for an inexpensive, reliable, and easy to use shotgun that excels in almost any use, you must have come across this 12-gauge tactical shotgun from Dickinson Arms.

The challenging part, however, comes when you have to decide whether the firearm will live up to expectation and meet your needs.

BEFORE you spend your hard-earned cash on this firearm, read our complete, unbiased review below to see if it meets your unique needs and offer you excellent value.

For easy comprehension, we’ll break down our review into the following….

Style and design

Let’s start with the overall appearance of this shotgun…if you’re the type of hunter who puts style first, you’ll just fall in love with the awesome silver metal finish that comes with this firearm.


Most users praise it for its great looks. Some even confess that their fellow hunters showed interested in the Dickinson shotgun when they saw them using it.

However, some hunters don’t like it shiny finish since it looks too shouting when you want to conceal yourself. This isn’t really an issue, though, as you can fix it by covering your firearm with the cheap and readily available camo tapes.

As for the design, this shotgun comes with a lightweight design, unlike most guns out there. The direct benefit of this is a simpler and more effective operation.

Unlike most of the competition, this shotgun presents you with an over-molded pistol grip, which grants you a firmer grip for better control in all weather conditions, or with sweaty hands.

The bolt, forend, and barrel come designed in such a way that you can remove them as a unit for hassle-free cleaning.

Above all, the gun comes packed in a nice case that offers you a convenient way of storing and carrying it to any place.


Dickinson Arms manufacture all their firearms using high-quality materials, and this 12-gauge pump action shotgun isn’t an exception.

It comes designed using the finest quality materials to ensures years of trouble-free operation.

The manufacturer uses rugged synthetic polymer for the stock to ensure it has excellent durability for maximum dependability and longevity.

The best part, the firearm is finished off with a highly resilient marine finish for maximum rust and corrosion protection.

Overall, we believe that this firearm passes out test score for durability. Many users also agree that it has excellent quality compared to other shotguns they have used before.

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to do some regular care and maintenance work on this gun to ensure it serves you for a more extended period. This is pretty much the case with any other shotgun out there.


So, how does the Dickinson Marine 12-gauge tactical shotgun fair when taken out in the fields?


Firstly, it’s important to note that this gun was made with fewer mechanical parts to facilitate reliable operation.

We like that it comes with a barrel length of 20 inches, which facilitates easy maneuverability in hallways as well as other interior spaces.

Rather than using choke, Dickinson fitted this arm with a muzzle brake to help significantly minimize recoil. Most users are crazy about this particular feature!

You’ll also love the ghost ring rear sight, which offers you lightning-fast targeting without obscuring your target.

The Picatinny rail on the forend and receiver makes it possible to mount accessories that help improve your shooting.

The tactical synthetic stock feels pretty comfortable and provides you with sufficient spots for carrying up to 5 extra shells.

Don’t forget it has finger grove pistol grip which feels good in your hand to help you steady your shots

Basically, this firearm comes fully optimized to help ensure you fire the most accurate shots. It even gives you room for using additional shooting accessories for the best shooting experience.

Shooters who have used this firearm before agree that it shoots great and are truly satisfied with its performance.

Cost and value

The cost of this shotgun is around $260. In our opinion, this is an incredibly affordable price tag compared to the competitor shotguns in the same price range.

Keeping in kind all the excellent quality, huge list of top features, and the high performance this shotgun delivers, you’ll all agree with me it’s worth every cent.

Remember, the firearm comes with a convenient hard case at no extra case. We all know that it’s unusual for firearm manufacturers to ship a gun to you with a carry/storage case, so consider this a huge plus.

For the price to value ratio, this shotgun offers you excellent value for money. Investing in the gun won’t feel like you blew you two hundred bucks.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a suitable 12-gage shotgun for hunting that won’t break the bank, or you’re simply purchasing your first shotgun, we highly recommend you to consider this Dickinson Arms Marine 12-Gauge Tactical Shotgun.

2 thoughts on “Dickinson Arms Marine 12-Gauge Tactical Shotgun Review”

  1. Hello, what’s the best ammo to use in this shotgun?
    I’m have trouble with some shells not being ejected and I’m pretty sure it’s ammo related. Currently using Fiocchi 12 Gauge 2 3/4” 00 Buckshot


  2. I own one of these and I dont know how to take the barrel and bolt off so I can properly clean it. The firing pin isn’t hitting the shell hard enough causing most of my shots to miss fire. They still go off after I reload and re shoot. But I need to know how to remove the bolt to clean it. I’ve watched countless you tube videos but I cant find one that shows the process

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