Deer Hunting with Motorcycle: A Newbie’s Guide

Deer Hunting with Motorcycle: A Newbie’s Guide

If you’re planning on taking a long motorcycle tour that coincides with the deer hunting season, then you’d want to try deer hunting with your motorcycle.

This is sure to make your tour livelier and memorable.

But how exactly do you go about hunting deer with your motorcycle? How do you even strap all your hunting and camping gear on your two-wheeler?

Below, we’ll shed more light on how to combine motorcycle riding with deer hunting plus some helpful tips to make your hunting more convenient.

What is motorcycle hunting?

Motorcycle hunting simply involves your two-wheeled machine as a means of transporting your hunting gear to your hunting destination and hauling the deer back home or to your camp base.


Sounds impossible, right?

If you haven’t tried this seemingly new hunting concept, you might think it’s not even practical.

But the truth is, hunting deer with your motorcycle is quite possible….and you might even be surprised it’s more convenient than using your truck.

You can easily pack all your hunting gear, the rifle, and camping gear (in case you plan to go camping)—all on your motorbike without any issues.

This is how you hunt deer with your motorcycle:

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    With all your camping and hunting gear onboard, hop on your bike and head to the camp spot of your choice.
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    The first thing you’d want to do is make base camp to help ease the gear load on your motorbike and free up more space
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    Now head to your hunting location, get off the bike, hunt. And if your hunting game is good, you fell that deer with the first shot.
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    You’ll then need to use your bike to make your way back to your camp.

What to carry for deer hunting with motorcycle?

If you have hunted deer before, then knowing what items to carry with you shouldn’t be a problem.

For starters, however, here are the KEY things you’d want to bring with you to your hunting location:

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    Hunting permit: this is the most essential item
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    Your rifle or bow (if you prefer bow hunting)
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    Enough ammo
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    Wear a blaze orange vest and hat: increases your visibility to other hunters
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    A good sharp knife and tall rubber gloves: for field dressing deer
  • Flashlight: for tracking deer
  • Ziplock bag, pen, and zip tie: for tagging your game

Quick Tip: Confused about how to pack your camping plus hunting gear on your bike? Try hauling the frame park and your rifle/bow while strapped to your boxes or frame.

And use the side boxes to carry your camping gear. This should make your gear much easier to transport without looking like you have overloaded your bike.

Can you use a motorcycle to carry the deer?

Yes, it’s possible to carry your day’s catch with your motorcycle. If your bike features strong carriers, things will get even easier.

If you can carry a passenger on your motorcycle passenger seat, then you can carry a deer back to your camp or home!



However, keep in mind that you’ll need to creatively strap the deer to ensure it doesn’t fall off or get entangled in your wheel spokes during transportation.

An easier way to transport your deer with a motorcycle would involve attaching a trailer or sled, which will facilitate easy hauling of the meat.

For hunters using quads motorcycles, ferrying that deer you have felled down back to your camp will be even safer and more convenient.

If you’re hunting in an area that allows quartering of the game you hunt, then you’ll have an easier time transporting your deer as you can put a piece in a duffel bag at a time.

The ONLY downside of carrying a deer in your passenger seat is that it might slow down your bike speed.

Final verdict

If you plan to camp on a motorcycle and love hunting as well, make your tour memorable and more fun by spicing it with deer hunting.

As you have seen in our guide above, chasing the big game with your motorcycle isn’t anything special. You just need to pack the right gear on your motorbike, head out to your camping destination, set up camp, and then head out to your hunting spot to hunt the deer.

After the shot, you can rely on your motorcycle to safely and conveniently haul the deer back to the camp.

What could be a better way to spend your time while on a motorcycle tour?

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