bullet ballistics 101

Bullet Ballistics 101: Velocity, Pressure, Distance and Force!

Yes, I know, guns and ammunition are more than just weapons for you. Being a gun enthusiast and unable to find the best reviews on the latest entrant in the market is undoubtedly a daunting task.

You might have searched all over the web all day long. Therefore, stop looking here and there, and let me guide you about the bullet ballistics 101.

The reviews are generated directly from the user feedbacks, and hence, they are authentic and realistic.


Not many will focus on a small part of shooting — that is the bullet. However, only the earnest gun enthusiasts know that the size of this little fighter does matter. It is true that it only matters a very little if you are using the right Caliber.

One can also not ignore the impact this bullet has on factors such as ballistics, accuracy, effectiveness, and recoil. There are different bullet weights available in the market for your best Calibers. A bullet weighs between 15 grains to 750 grains.

Following are the Features of the Bullet Ballistics 101:

1. Pressure

As soon as the fire ignites into the powder charge, the entire process starts as the gases begin to form, pressure increases within the case, the pressure produces more heat, and it starts to accelerate.

All of this happens within a millisecond. The heating of the powder causes the pressure curve arcs to back down. This slowly falls, and the bullet moves forward. 

2. Velocity

bullet velocity

The measurement of bullet velocity is difficult. At the same time,its measurement is also crucial. You can state the Velocity as the speed of the bullet, which diminishes as the distance increases. It becomes an essential feature as it indicates how much energy the cartridge carries until the end.

3. Distance

The distance states the energy still available for the bullet. The power is very high in the beginning, and slowly and steadily, as the distance increases, the energy reduces, as there is the production of heat, bullet rotation, bullet friction, etc.

So, it becomes essential to focus on the designing when it travels a comparatively long distance.

4. Force

Over a period, the force of the bullet decreases as the distance increases. Due to loss of acceleration, pressure, energy caused by drag, gravity, etc. the effect eventually does not remain the same as it was before.

However, at the initial stage, the force is much stronger.

Pros of Bullet Ballistics 101:

  1. It is user-friendly. In addition, the instructions provided make it even easier.
  2. It has affordable and reasonable pricing.
  3. It is suitable for much different ammunition users.

Cons of bullet ballistics 101:

  1. It is not widely available.
  2. Different manufacturers provide different styles to the same type. Thus, it becomes difficult to locate the one you were using.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions on Bullet Ballistics 101 are as Follows:

  1. What is bullet ballistics calculator?

The bullet ballistics calculator gives complete details about all the aspects of the bullet trajectory. It provides a chart about the range, velocity, energy, wind drift, time, etc.

This becomes important for the shooter to select the best as per his/her needs and requirements.

  1. What does bullet ballistics chart provide?

The bullet ballistics chart act as a guidance manual, which provides various details regarding how the bullet ballistics work initially or at the peak, how is the energy maintained as it travels, how much time it takes, etc.

It enables you to purchase the right one for yourself.

  1. What does trajectory of a bullet mean?

The bullet trajectory is referred to as the path through which the bullet travels. It is also known as the projectile or the bullet path. When the bullet goes, it depends on many factors such as velocity, gravity, speed, wind drift, etc. 

Final Verdict

If you are a professional shooter who undertakes shooting not just as a hobby, then I would suggest you read the above features of the bullet ballistics 101 and accordingly choose the right one for you.

Other than its only drawback of rare availability, a great product efficiently meets your requirements and needs at the most reasonable and affordable prices.

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