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Bipod Or Sandbag: Which One and Why?

Between a bipod and a sandbag, which one should you use to achieve a steady shooting platform for your rifle?

A good number of shooters go with the bipods as the most preferred shooting rest. Still, there’s a good number who swear by the sandbag.

So, which one should you use?

In this post, I’ll discuss in detail the bipod and sandbag and how they can improve your overall shooting.

Let’s do this…


Bipods involve attaching the two-legged accessory onto the barrel of your gun. Once attached, you can then start making the necessary adjustments that will increase your chances of hitting your target with one perfects shot.

As you know, the tool comes with a list of features to help you make the required adjustments.

For instance, it features adjustable legs that you just extend to balance your rifle when shooting off an uneven terrain.

Others come with swivel feature at the top section that lets you enjoy several shooting options. This is particularly the case for hunters who might be trying to shoot a target that’s on the move- let’s say a deer.

As you move your bipod from side to side about the central barrel axis, it will become much easier to aim at and accurately shoot your target.

It also goes without saying that a bipod helps support your rifle weight as opposed to shooting without a bipod. As a result, your hands are completely free to do other things. Besides, you won’t experience much fatigue that will make you lose focus of your shooting activities.

When it comes to firing the best shots at a prone position, the bipod comes into play. It is the only rifle rest that will give you the desired results as it makes you more comfortable when prone shooting.

Not only that, it gives you a great position if you intend to take a shot while sitting.

The only drawback you’ll get from the bipod is that it does not support standing shots. You’ll fail miserably if you attempt to take a standing shot with your rifle mounted on this accessory.


When it comes to using the sandbags to obtain a good rest for your firearm and prepare it for the shooting job ahead, they’ll perform incredibly well.

In fact, simple sandbags have been used for many, many years as shooting rests. Thy involved stacking the bags on a bench. With time, the sandbag has undergone multiple innovations to enhance its performance.

Though sandbags might not be as steady as the bipods, they still manage to give you some degree of stability when firing shots.

Additionally, they offer you unlimited versatility- meaning you can move your rifle in any direction you wish as you try to achieve the best shooting angle.

However, the sandbag comes with several drawbacks. For example, they’re not the best rests for repeatable shot placements. This is because they allow you rifle to recoil normally, without restrictive hold points at the forearm and butt. This would result to shot throw offs.

Unless you’re an expert at repeating the hold points from the previous shots, I’d advise you to keep off sandbags.

Bipods Vs Sandbags: Which one should you use?

We have just discussed the use of bipod as well as sandbag as shooting rest.

While both rests help you make shots from more comfortable positions, they show huge differences in terms of helping you achieve the accuracy you desire.

Unless your shooting circumstances don’t allow, I’d advise you to consider using bipods when making shots. They come with many benefits like steadying your gun, even on the non-uniform surfaces, reduced recoil, more comfortable shooting positions.

The culmination of all this is improved accuracy.

On the contrary, sandbags offer you comfortable shooting position and a higher versatility. However, they don’t fit well at managing recoil of your gun. Plus they might not be of much help when making repeatable shot placements.

My Opinion

For better accuracy, simply grab the bipod. Besides the advantages it injects into your shooting, this accessory is more portable than a sandbag, easy to deploy, and incredibly affordable!

3 thoughts on “Bipod Or Sandbag: Which One and Why?”

  1. I’m a new guy here…it was good to listen to you…..just purchased my first bipod Peleton 7N 9-13, swivel & pan…hopefully I made the right decision…….looking forward to hook up …this bipod vs sandbag discussion has me thinking neoprene under my support legs on the hard surface…..will see

  2. Not too bad an article, except for claiming that sandbags offer less accuracy than a bipod. Bipods can cause vertical stringing too.

  3. Firatly sandbags are far mkre stable than bipods… grouping size reduces significantly when going from a bippd to bag. Secondly, this site is all abput bipods so how is the advice unbiased

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