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How To Determine The Perfect Bipod Height?

It has been proved again and again that a bipod attached to your rifle will help you fire more accurate shots than ever before.

But attaching the Bipod to your rifle isn’t the key to achieving the ultimate accuracy in all your shooting missions.

“What should I do to enjoy consistent accuracy with my bipod then?”

It’s pretty simple- pick the right bipod height to help you rig your gun at the right heights while stabilizing it on all the terrains and rests.

Let me show you how to pick the perfect bipod height:

Usually, the length of bipod you pick heavily relies on your stature as well as your shooting style.

That being said, we’ll look at the perfect bipod heights for the basic shooting postures and styles below:

Best Height For Prone Shooting

Your goal here is to achieve the most comfortable shooting possible before pulling that trigger.

Depending on your stature and how flat the shooting ground is, bipods with height 9-13 inches will do the trick.

Anything less than this will prove too short for prone shooting and will result in erroneous shots in most cases.

Best Bipod Height For Bench Shooting

What if you’re shooting off a bench?

The perfect bipod height for this job ranges from 6 to 9 inches. This would be even better if the shooter isn’t that tall.

Again, using anything higher than this would prove too tall for bench shooting and result in a missed shot.

Best Universal Bipod Height

Now that we have discussed the best bipod heights for prone and bench shooting positions, what about the other positions?

I know you might be asking yourself this question.

That’s why I included this section to inform you on the perfect bipod height for any shooting.

Surprisingly, the universal height range lies between the heights we have discussed above (from 6 to 13 inches).

It’s, therefore, safe to state that for all your shooting tasks, picking bipods with heights 6-9” and 9-13” will never disappoint you.

Final Word

Choosing the perfect bipod height for different shooting styles might be a hard task. This applies in particular if you’ve never used a bipod before and have no experience. From the above guide, it’s clear that buying sizes 6-9” and 9-13” bipods will take your accuracy to the upper limits.

Whether you’re prone shooting, shooting off the bench, or any other form of shooting, these heights will never disappoint you.

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  1. What do you mean by “height”?

    Vertical from surface of bottom rail or vertical from barrel center? I’ve seen both used. Better include a quick note which one you mean.

    (I prefer the latter as there are different forend dimensions — and also side rail mounted leg bipods.)

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