Best Recurve Bow String Reviews

5 Best Recurve Bow String Reviews of 2022

Recurve bows are popular among both modern and traditional archers due to their simplicity and overall great performance. But with archery, the execution is a balance between the bow and the string.

Without the best recurve bow string, it is hard to achieve the full experience of the sport. It could also be very easily one of the worst days for a hunter or competitive archer if it snaps in the middle of the action.

And through our research, we have found some of the best ones, mainly to avoid such situations and more. We also briefly touched on the other factors to consider before just buying what you like, so you can be satisfied with your purchase.

Best Overall
Premium Gear B-50 Dacron
Premium Gear B-50 Dacron
Best Value
Southwest Archery Samick Sage and Polaris
Southwest Archery Samick Sage and Polaris
Honorable Mention
Flemish Fast Flight Plus
Flemish Fast Flight Plus

5 Best Recurve Bow String Review

Whether you are unsure what to choose or looking for a great new replacement for your recurve bow, here are some of the best in the market we reviewed for you.

1. Premium Gear B-50 Dacron

Premium Gear B-50 Dacron

This recurve bowstring, with AMO or Archery Manufacturer’s Organization specified measurements, is an endless loop string type. This means that it is adjustable to slight length variations.

So, you can fit it easily just by some twisting and untwisting of the string. Thus, this gives you more flexibility to adjust the string to your bow. The AMO measurement is at 100 pounds tension on the serving machine, so it doesn’t represent the string’s actual measurement.

That is why, if you are looking to buy a 52 inches long bowstring, you need to order a 56-inch size instead. That means any AMO-measured length you will order for your recurve bow will approximately be 4 inches shorter than they have stated.

You can find this bowstring measuring from 48 inches to 66 inches in length. But these are the AMO sizes, so do remember to cut 4 inches from the size to get the perfect adjustment for your bow.

Along with that, depending on the strands of the string, it can support varied weights or tension. For a 12-strand string, it holds up to 40 pounds or 18 kilograms draw weight. Similarly, it holds up to 55 pounds or 25 kilograms for 14 strands and 65 pounds or 30 kilograms for 16 strands.

The strands depend entirely on the length of the string itself. And so, you are getting the option of a different number of strands according to your preference or need. This also ensures the protection of the nocking point and limb tips.


  • AMO measured specification lengths
  • Offers the option of a different number of strands
  • Ensures protection of the nocking point and limb tips
  • Comes in measurement from 48 inches to 66 inches
  • Great for modern recurve bowstring replacements


  • May show some serving issues

2. Southwest Archery Samick Sage and Polaris 

Southwest Archery Samick Sage and Polaris

Originally made as a direct replacement for the Samick Sage bow, it stands as one of the most high-quality bowstrings in the market. Besides Samick, you can use it on Polaris bows as well.

The quality of these strings is notable; as made of 100 percent polyester and black Dacron B-55, they almost match that of the original Dacron material. But this impressively provides more durability than them.

Not only that, their construction allows as little stretching on the strings as possible with use, ensuring a longer life, which means more shots without having to buy a new string every week.

For the best experience and compatibility, the manufacturer recommends getting more strands depending on your bow’s weight. So, if your bow is on the heavier side, you should get more strands to prevent the stretch from pulling it too hard.

They come in AMO length from a standard 44 inches to 68 inches, with 12, 14, and 16 strands option. Alongside that, since they have black Dacron B-55, you can easily adjust the brace height by twisting the string or untwisting it.

Moreover, with the pre-served center serving and loops on both ends, installing them is very easy and convenient on any bows, including recurve. You can install them immediately right out of the package! However, make sure to use a stringer tool while installing for safety.


  • Provides more durability than a Dacron material
  • Comes pre-served and ready to use
  • Easy to install
  • Possible to adjust the brace height
  • Made of 100% polyester and high-quality black Dacron B-55 material


  • May require to wax often to maintain the quality

3. Flemish Fast Flight Plus

Flemish Fast Flight Plus

If you are into traditional archery, then this one from Flemish is for you! They are perfect for low-performance bows that can’t handle high stretches while providing better execution to your bow than before.

However, they are not by AMO measurements, so you need to know the actual length that can fit your bow perfectly rather than going with a general bow length of 1-inch increments. It is easier by subtracting 4 inches from your recurve bowstring.

These strings help to provide more speed while also being quieter! This gives you the perfect advantage while hunting. That is not all; you can tune and adjust it much easier as well.

Besides that, attaching bowstring silencers are much more convenient while being compatible with all of them. This, along with its naturally quiet quality, provides you with the best recurve bow string for a perfect traditional hunting bow.

It is available in real measurements from 44 inches to 62 inches in length. These black and bronze-colored strings are the ultimate traditional bowstring for high-performance bows with low stretching acceptance.

The Flemish comes with a three-bundle type construction having around 18 strands in total. This is what gives it the ability to provide the extra speed with up to a draw weight of 70 pounds! So, it is also a great bowstring for competitive archery.


  • Perfect for high-performance bows with low stretching acceptance
  • Provides more speed with up to a draw weight of 70 pounds
  • Great for both traditional archery and hunting
  • Quieter than most
  • Compatible and easy to install with all silencers


  • Not compatible with all bow types
  • The serving area might be thin

4. Southland Archery Supply SAS Courage

Southland Archery Supply SAS Courage

Backup bowstrings are always a must for serious archers, especially when you are planning to hunt in the wilds or away from home. It is nothing short of unfortunate if your string gets damaged or breaks in the middle of hunting.

And this bowstring is an excellent backup option to have. It is originally a direct replacement for the Southland Archery Courage 60 inch recurve bow, but it is also a popular backup choice among archers.

That is because of many good reasons, one being that it is a single length of string with almost consolidated strands, so it is cheaper. Like this, it becomes more accessible and affordable to have multiple backup strings just in case while on a trip or hunting.

This replacement bow string comes in a 60 inches AMO length, which, as we have discussed, means an exact real length of 56 inches. The box comes with one single piece of the bowstring.

Moreover, to make things even more convenient and on the go, it comes pre-waxed! So, you don’t have to worry about a dry string or are required to wax before the shot; you just need to attach it to your bow limbs and focus onyour target.

Besides that, they are also great to use during practice or if you are starting to learn archery on a budget. These strings are more durable than you expect and make for a good, wise deal for both as a replacement and a backup bowstring.


  • Excellent backup bowstring
  • Comes pre-waxed out of the box
  • Good for hunting and practice
  • Originally a direct replacement string for the Southland Archery Courage
  • Low price


  • Might feel a bit thick when the arrow touches it

5. I-Sport Archery Hunting Braided Replacement

I-Sport Archery Hunting Braided Replacement

Similar to the previous product, this one also comes with a single pack of string. Thus, it makes it another good option for a backup as well as replacements. However, they are much more of a premium quality than them.

So, if you are looking for a great high-quality Flemish braided bowstring to replace your recurve and other type bows or use as a backup, this one is going to last you longer. This might also prove to be a better investment in the long run.

The string is exactly 56 inches or 142 cm without any AMO measurements. That means you don’t need to deduct inches off to know the perfect length to order for your bow, saving you that little hassle.

Coming back to its premium quality, it is of nylon material with a Flemish braid, which ensures excellent durability and performance under all weather and environmental conditions. It has a draw weight of up to 50 pounds.

This makes this Flemish braided string another great bowstring to use for traditional archery. With its quality and construction, it can be a good start for practices without having the need to change strings every 100 shots.

Besides that, you will find them already waxed in the package, saving you the effort. But since it is nylon, you will need to wax it if not used for a period of time to be able to use it again in the same condition.


  • A great high-quality Flemish braided recurve bowstring replacement
  • Durable and sustainable under any weather conditions
  • Great for shooting practices
  • Comes already waxed in the pack
  • Sports a draw weight up to 50 pounds


  • Needs periodical waxing to maintain quality
  • Not suitable for speed shots

What You Should Know

Back in the day, people used many other mixtures besides the most popular ones we use now. And besides that, there are some other factors you should know if you don’t already:

 Recurve Bow String

  1. In the earlier days, people used some kind of Dacron polyester or waxed linen to make their bowstring, and these could support up to 50 pounds for each strand.
  2. In the 1970s, people found how to increase the arrow’s speed by mixing Vectran and Kevlar to make their bowstrings. It showed minimal stretching.
  3. Coming to modern times, people understood the importance of waxing their bowstrings regularly to keep them usable for a long time. Along with that, they also came to the conclusion that synthetic materials are one of the best for the strings.
  4. You can find the required AMO length of the string, typically on the bow limbs. If not, then on the box or manual. However, if there is no mention of it anywhere, there can be some sizing issue. So, it is always safer to know the exact AMO length needed.
  5. As a general rule of the thumb, for recurve bows, the actual size you require will be 4 inches less than the AMO provided length, and for longbows, it should be 3 inches less.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it OK to keep a recurve bow strung?

It is better not to keep it strung unless the string is of fiberglass. Other than that, any other material strings will deteriorate much quicker because of the stretching and compression it is under.

2. What size string do I need for my recurve bow?

In general, similar to the AMO, the string size depends on the bow’s entire length. After measuring or knowing the total length of your bow, you need to minus 4 inches off to get the string size you need for a recurve bow.

3. What is the best material for a bow string?

Out of all the materials used so far, HDPE or High Modulus Polyethylene is the best bowstring material. It is widely known as Dynema or Fastflight and mostly applicable for any non-compound bow. It is extremely lightweight, showing no stretch whatsoever.

4. When should I replace my recurve bow string?

With normal use for an extended period of time, you need to replace them every three years. Unless it shows signs of damage, dryness, worn downs, then it is a good indicator that you need to replace them immediately.

5. How many twists can you put in a bow string?

The recommended twists are one to two or three to four per inch. So, if you own a 60-inch bowstring, you need to apply around 30 twists.

Only the String

After all the reviews, you can tell there is no clear-cut winner of the best. Since every one of them has qualities unique to their own, this makes them a bit better, or not, than the others.

It is more common to find bowstrings supporting up to 50 pounds draw weight, making it difficult to increase the speed. And as much as it is an essential practice to wax your strings often, bowstrings should also come pre-waxed.

While some do and make it more convenient to use, you do require to wax them after that for use in the long term. Then, there are the high-end brands that tend to offer good qualities in all of the above but, of course, at a much higher price.

Final Words

Even though the process to find it might not be the easiest, only the best recurve bow string can give the results you desire. So, we hope you try out the ones we recommend for a start or a replacement.

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