Best Bow Stabilizer Reviews

10 Best Bow Stabilizer Reviews in 2022 – Value For The Money

When it comes to bow stabilization, each variation adds a different feel to the whole endeavor. So, it’s not exactly the most straightforward task to find the right one for you when you’re looking for a bow stabilizer.

In this article on the best bow stabilizer for hunting, we will help you understand which variation will make you more efficient and fit your preference while suggesting some of the best.

At last, it all comes down to your comfort and preference, but we’re here to give you a push towards the right path so that you get the best out of your experience.

Best Overall

NAP Camo Apache Stabilizer

NAP Camo Apache Stabilizer

Best Value

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Honorable Mention

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

10 Best Bow Stabilizer Reviews

When you’re browsing the internet for a bow stabilizer for yourself, you’ll face overwhelming amounts of products. But we’re here to find you the best bow stabilizers in the market.

1. NAP Camo Apache Stabilizer

NAP Camo Apache Stabilizer

In almost every bow stabilizer review, this is a product that is always in the top 5. It rivals every other product out there in case of quality and effects, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

The NAP Camo is an 8-inch stabilizer that balances maximum mobility with a higher accuracy rate. Stabilizers with the range of 5-inch to 8-inch fall in the category of medium-range stabilizers which makes it easily the best stabilizer for bow.

These stabilizers are perfect for stability while ensuring superior vibration dampening. But in another case, the 8-inch variation offers maximum accuracy; therefore, this product has all of that.

This product can minimize vibration and noise that will allow you to get more stealth in closer ranges. In case of close range, this stabilizer’s medium-range will enable you to encounter all scenarios properly.

Moreover, this product is a sports-type stabilizer that is perfect for hunting. Its superior noise dampening technology will allow you to get up and personal with your prey to take a shot that it won’t even notice coming.

Another fantastic advantage of the 8-inch specification is its capability to minimize the delay in getting stability after a full draw; you can quickly swipe into action with each draw without restricting your balance.

The product also weighs only 0.8 ounces, allowing you to get comfortable with the weight with great flexibility. That will allow you to change stances based on the terrains and location without getting uncomfortable.


  • Light-weight design
  • Easy to install
  • Generalized socket compatibility
  • Superior vibration reduction
  • Carbon fiber design


  • Space for improvement in noise cancellation
  • Lacks counterweight stabilization

2. Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

The Bee stinger is one of the most suggested and reviewed products in the market when it comes to bow stabilizers; it has all the specifications that a competitive archer would look for and so much more.

In the case of quality and construction, there’s no comparison for this product. This device has all the right specifications and features that will allow you to topple any obstacle in a competitive environment.

This product has a length of almost 11-inch that falls in the category of long-range stabilizers that are perfect for stabilization and putting in all the emphasis on ensuring superior accuracy.

Due to its higher length, Bee stinger will improve accuracy and allow you to make shots at longer ranges with minimal vibration, and it will reduce the delay after a full draw. 

One of the most challenging things to maintain on the whole premises of archery is the drawback from the full draw; the pressure will make your hands lose the balance required to adjust.

This device will minimize that delay and give you full efficiency allowing you to react faster to the competition’s changing situation. Moreover, the sims internal harmonic dampener establishes a noise reduction.

Also, De-resonator will transfer the vibration from the rise to the end of the stabilizer to reduce its effect on every release. This feature is perfect for maintaining your balance and stealth when target shooting.


  • Great for long-range target shooting
  • Enables superior accuracy
  • Sims Harmonic Dampener
  • Interchangeable weights
  • Reduces shot-induced vibration


  • Weights are hard to adjust
  • Too cumbersome in hikes

3. Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Without a second thought, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing stabilizers on this list. But aesthetic isn’t the only thing that this stabilizer does best; it’s the best compound bow stabilizer for all its functionality.

This device emphasizes several different things, one of them being its ability to give you maximum efficiency when you’re hunting in tight situations or close quarters.

Due to its 6-inch design, this stabilizer is perfect for hunting through blind or while stalking. Its compact form will allow you to move more freely, to get into close quarters with your targets.

5 to 6-inch designs are not perfect for long-distance shots; they are more efficient in vibration dampening and balancing your shots more accurately. This feature gives you an advantage in being wary of your surroundings and makes quickdraws.

Another fantastic thing about the superior design of this product is that it allows maximum airflow through it. This feature is a game-changer when you’re tackling a windy situation.

Since all the air will freely pass through it, it won’t affect your balance, not even in the slightest, and allow you to make tight shots no matter what kind of ground you’re covering. 

Moreover, because of its light-weight design, this product is more comfortable to carry around to cover higher grounds. Still, if you want to change the weight, it includes interchangeable weights that will fit your preference.


  • High vibration and noise reduction
  • Top-quality aluminum design
  • Possesses adjustable weights
  • Maximum airflow
  • Compact design for tight spots


  • Lacks advantages in case of accuracy
  • Included weights are not rust resistant

4. Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer

Another fantastic addition from Bee stinger is the Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer; now, this one comes to bring you the best when you’re looking for something for close quarters being the ultimate silent hunter.

It is one of the best stabilizers for a bow that will ensure reduced vibration and a steadier handle even in the harshest of terrains, even weather conditions. This device will allow you to sneak past your prey with minimal sound.

This stabilizer weighs only 0.463kg, which is perfect for long hikes and long-distance hunting endeavors. Also, the light-weight will allow you to feel lesser pressure on every draw and enable you to crouch hold longer. 

Also, this light-weight design plays a significant role in providing steadier balance in close range shots. But that’s not all when it comes to weight, Bee stinger is known for their interchangeable weight capabilities.

The interchangeable weights will allow you to customize the weight based on your preference, but some might say it’s hard to change frequently; you can’t be more wrong in that its superior design makes installation easy.

When we’re talking about design, its patented construction allows maximum inertia, influencing control, tighter shots, and more efficient results. Additionally, the Sims Internal Dampener ensures the reduction of noise and vibration.

Also, the De-resonator will transfer the shot-induced vibration to the end of the stabilizer and ensure the ultimate vibration dampening. All these features will establish accurate target shooting and stabilization.


  • Patented design improves accuracy
  • De-resonator to decrease shot-induced vibration
  • Customizable weights
  • Maximizes sound reduction
  • Built with high-quality carbon fiber


  • Weights are hard to adjust frequently
  • Doesn’t allow airflow through the body

5. TRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon Pro Archery Stabilizer

TRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon Pro Archery Stabilizer

In the case of functionality, nothing rivals the unique TRUGLO stabilizer. This stabilizer is always undefeated in the top charts of the best stabilizer review because of its superior design and technology. 

This product utilizes every inch for maximum functionality, and its innovative design allows archers to get the best out of their experience. Moreover, it’s constructed with some of the best materials out there for a stabilizer.

Therefore, this device upholds a full carbon fiber design that influences its light-weight feel and allows high customizability. This 6-inch variation is perfect for people who always want to have the upper hand in case of close-range hunting.

The most interesting fact to notice is its high modulus carbon fiber design that will ensure superior strength while remaining light-weight even though the weights are entirely customizable.

That’s not the only curious fact about the product’s weight, since this product has a weight suspension system that ensures vibration dampening with excellent efficiency with each draw. 

Also, the weight suspension system includes three different stainless steel that weighs about 1 oz, which will remain in top condition in any situation and have superior control over the arrows’ noise and vibration.

Another interesting this about the design is the Tri-foil design that ensures optimal rigidity in any situation. This feature will allow the stabilizer to overcome any harsh situation and give you optimal performance.


  • Modulus design for structural integrity
  • Weight suspension system
  • Stainless steel for internal integrity
  • High-performance noise reduction
  • Easy installation procedure


  • Does not possess any counterweight stabilization
  • Lacks influence in accuracy

6. SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

When you’re looking for the best bow stabilizer for accuracy, you won’t have to look beyond the SAS bow stabilizer. This stabilizer is an 8-inch perfection that will always give you the best performance.

The premium aluminum build ensures its light-weight design to allow you greater mobility even though it is higher in length. This feature will also influence you to make longer shots while maintaining maximum stability.

In long-range shots, the stabilizer’s length plays one of the critical roles; it will help you maintain balance after a draw and reduce the pressure’s recoil.

Therefore, you can do better target shooting while keeping your pace up and reducing drawbacks. Since the focus of the design is on precision, that is what you’ll get.

Moreover, the open design will allow air to travel through it without any restrictions so that you can get the best performance even in high windy areas and higher free ground.

While this stabilizer can give you the best accuracy possible, it will also ensure noise and vibration reduction since reducing noise will allow you to get more precise shots.

While the vibration reduction will allow you to maintain balance and execute more accurate shots, these features are essential when you’re planning to hunt or compete at a tournament.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Increases accuracy
  • Reduces drawback impact
  • Stabilizes long-range shots
  • Ensure airflow within the stabilizer


  • Weight is not adjustable
  • Bulkier build

7. Trophy Ridge Blitz Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge Blitz Stabilizer

One of the most simplistic stabilizers on this list is the Trophy Ridge Blitz. It’s suitable for anyone starting archery while being a go-to choice for many veterans due to its high durability build.

One of the key attractions of this device is its easy installation. It is effortless to install and utilize from the start for any beginner or veteran if you follow the instructions.

This stabilizer body is covered with noise and vibration dampening rubber that will allow you to have maximum stealth in any situation, whether it is close-range or long.

Moreover, this product includes a wrist sling and leather mouth that will allow you to align your shots better and maintain your balance at long draws for target shooting at a higher accuracy.

Also, the construction of the stabilizer pays critical attention to stability and maximize accuracy. So that makes the perfect product tournaments that require you to make tighter shots and maintain balance.

This product is perfect for archer looking for something simple that will allow them to perform their best and better respond while maintaining a subtle design.

Additionally, this product weighs only 7.44 ounces that are perfect for hiking and long-distance travel. Also, this weight will allow you to hold longer draws and make much more accurate shots.


  • Includes wrist sling
  • A leather mount protects the installation point
  • Quick installation
  • Noise dampening capability
  • Vibration reduction using rubber


  • Lacks airflow capabilities
  • Prone to rust

8. LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer

LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer

There are so many fantastic things involving this bow stabilizer that it overshadows every other product in case of functionality. This product is built with the best of materials to give you the best experience in archery.

The LimbSaver bow stabilizer is a tubular stabilizer that utilizes some of the most suitable materials to ensure its fantastic construction and functionality, including vibration dampening and control.

Due to its 7-inch construction, this stabilizer ensures premium stabilization and maximum silencing. It will dampen most of the vibration that will lead to the reduction of sound at each draw.

Moreover, the stabilizer’s tubing contains NAVCOM materials that play a crucial role in maintaining the vibration control, allowing you to make more accurate target shooting in medium and short ranges.

These materials also play a fantastic role in reducing vibration and noise that we already mentioned, and why is it important? Well, as this stabilizer is perfect for shorter ranges, minimized sound is essential.

When you’re hunting through the forest, you need the best stealth and accurate shot to take out targets more efficiently and ensure quite a traversal around the forest to get close to prey.

One of these stabilizers’ most attractive features is its fantastic construction with 6061 machined aircraft aluminum that will ensure superior durability and maintain a light-weight build.


  • Made from aircraft aluminum
  • NAVCOM material to ensure vibration control
  • Ensures superior stability due to 7-inch length
  • Vibration dampening ensure shot consistency
  • Compatible with harshest conditions


  • Requires a counterbalance for rear stability
  • O-ring gets loose easily

9. LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer

LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer

Another simplistic approach to a stabilizer is the unique S-coil Bow stabilizer; it combines all the right features for every archer’s satisfaction to get the best out of their bows.

This easy to install stabilizer is build from all the premium products from LimbSaver. They ensure with its construction that you get the best performance possible at the most affordable price.

S-coil is one of the most frequently reviewed stabilizers in every best stabilizer review because of its light-weight spiral design. This design allows the stabilizer to absorb a higher vibration, which will ensure stability in target shooting.

This product will maintain the shot consistency with its superior propriety NAVCOM material that will dampen most impacting vibration during shots while reducing unwanted noises.

Moreover, the spiral design is fantastic at establishing a greater surface area that will reduce vibration and reduce unwanted jump during concentrated shots.

Additionally, this product is a 4-half inch coil-shaped stabilizer that weighs only 4.5 ounces. Therefore it will put less strain on hands and allow you to travel around much more efficiently.

Due to its smaller design, the stabilizer is perfect for archers looking to shoot from tighter spots or blinds. The stabilizer will not create any resistance or make it harder to maneuver around.


  • Continuous spiral design for maximum vibration reduction
  • Larger surface area ensures a more significant dampening effect
  • Perfect for short-range shots
  • NAVCOM material reduces unwanted noise
  • Impact-absorbing material


  • Not suitable for accuracy
  • Doesn’t minimize some recoil

10. Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer

In the case of quality and high efficiency, this product will impress you like no other. This product has some of the most functional capabilities and functionalities that will make you love every moment with it.

When you’re in for the target shooting with maximum efficiency and maintain consistency between your shots, then you need something that possesses the right balance and length to establish it.

The Trophy Ridge Hitman has all of those features; this 8-inch stabilizer is a complete package when it comes to improving accuracy and induces stealth in your every draw.

One of the best things about this device is the quick connect system, which will allow you to mount the product on your bow with minimum hassle. This feature is perfect for beginners and veterans alike since it gives you more versatility.

On top of that, another thing to be impressed about is the carbon fiber design since this build allows products to have a light-weight design while maintaining a high durability profile.

Also, since you have a fast removal system embedded in the device, this feature will allow you to have higher mobility when transporting. You can quickly change your loadout and adapt to the environment.

Moreover, to give you the full experience of a stabilizer and improve your performance further, it includes a wrist strap, along with a mounting bar. These things allow quick mounting and additional stability.


  • Quick connect system
  • High-quality carbon design
  • Pre-assembled removable weights
  • Includes mounting bars
  • Vibration dampening feature


  • Lacks installation instructions
  • Does not possess any counterweight balancing

What to Look for Before Buying?

Let’s start with something more directive; this will help you make the right judgment and understand what kind of user you are. Understanding your specific style will help you filter out what you need.


This specification is one of those that you don’t want to compromise, no matter what situation you use your bow on. As it is already in the name, a bow stabilizer solidifies how stable you are at each draw.

So, in that scenario, the size will matter; the longer your stabilizer is, the better it will stabilize. Moreover, with the improvement of stability, you will be able to execute your shots more accurately. 

Bow Stabilizer

Mostly in the competitive scale, archers use the longest stabilizers as that will allow them to balance their weight with each draw more quickly and hit the target with a lesser delay.

So, if you’re in this for a competition, then 9-inch to 10-inch range is going to be perfect for you, but people with flexible scenarios might want to go for the mid-5-inch to 8-inch length.

Anything shorter than that will not affect the accuracy, so that’s saying that it won’t stabilize as much; it will be ignorable.


Another crucial thing to remember is the weight of your stabilizer. You want to go with a weight that you are comfortable with, not only for shooting but also for maximum mobility.

So, in that case, some stabilizers offer you customizing the weight if your preference changes with time. But the critical point to understand is that the bow stabilizer’s weight will allow you to balance your shots better.

Lighter bows are preferable for some users, but weight allows your hand to adjust and improve accuracy more efficiently. Additionally, this will give you a tighter float pattern and steadier hold.

Also, there’s the weight for the rear that gives you some additional advantages, and some are the advantages that you should pay attention to. These rear bars will balance several bows mounted accessories and add more stability.

Bow Stabilizer

These side weights will create a resistance on the bow that will restrict it from leaning on one side more and compromising your accuracy.

You can look for several options, but trial and error are the best possible way for you to figure out what kind of weight you need. So, look for something that has several weight options or has a customization capability.


The word is self-explanatory, but to lay out the details, let’s first establish that customization is always an option you should lean towards as that will allow you to have more flexibility.

How? This situation is where it comes down to weight; we’ve already discussed that understanding the weight that suits you better is a trial and error situation. Moreover, this feature will allow you to have adjustable weights.

You can interchange between separate weights and experiment with different specifications that will allow you to perform with higher flexibility in any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size stabilizer should I get for my bow? 

The stabilizer size mostly depends on the type of performance you’re trying to get out of your bow; for high accuracy, you should go for a 10-inch or 8-inch variant.

2. What is the best bow for the money? 

One of the best bow you can get in case of affordability, and high functionality is the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 bow. This bow has all the features and attachments that might deem it the best.

3. How long should a hunting stabilizer be? 

The best would be the 8-ich variant; it will allow you to have more excellent stability and reduce drawback vibrations so that your shot is consistent and quick for target shooting.

4. Why do you need a stabilizer on a bow? 

Stabilizers are there to give you better stabilization after each draw and reduce the vibrations before and after shots that may cause you to lose target.

5. Do the stabilizers come with a wrist strap?

Not every one of them includes wrist straps or slings for better wrist protection and control over your bow.

Final Words

Stabilizers will make a big difference when you’re using a bow for hunting or competition. So, through our article on the best bow stabilizer for hunting, you will find the best of the best.

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