Best Bow Case Reviews

10 Best Bow Case Reviews in 2022 – Expert Opinion

We have all at one point pictured ourselves as the Oliver Queen from The Arrow in the beginning and thought, hmm, that guy clearly needs a better bow case.

Let us forget about the DC character and focus on the real leads that exist. It is you- our dedicated readers who have a thing for archery, or maybe you are a professional.

Whatever the case is, do you not wish to gather your archery equipment in an organized manner? We believe there are best bow cases for every kind and structure of bows one owns.

We are here to jot some down from the best to worse by picking each product individually. Shall we get on it?

Best Overall
Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Pre-Cut Case
Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Pre-Cut Case
Best Value
Plano Protector Compact Bow Case
Plano Protector Compact Bow Case
Honorable Mention
SKB Injection-Molded Small Parallel Limb Bow Case
SKB Injection-Molded Small Parallel Limb Bow Case

10 Best Bow Case Reviews

Below are several bow cases reviews for you to read and determine. Are you ready to take the ride with us? Gear up!


1. Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Pre-Cut Case

Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Pre-Cut Case

We begin with a brand known as Case Club that manufactures one of the best compound bow cases that are irresistible to at least touch and check.

It is a dream-come-true for an archer who had been searching for a perfect hard case for ages! Now, if the person has to travel with a bow case, this one is airline approved.

In short, it is one splendid case before we even get to the specifications. Keeping that in mind, the overall dimension is 46.6 x 6.8 x 16.7 inches. It means about 40-inch of a bow can snugly fit in that box.

However, you must make sure this product goes with the type of bow you own because, otherwise, everything would be pointless.

The exterior is built to exude heavy duty materials all around. It is robust enough to handle hefty pressure if put under other stuff during shipping. This unit is also waterproof.

One of the things we loved the most is its airtight feature that ensures no leakage during rain. Wherever you go for the next hunting trip, the Case Club waterproof compound bow case will always keep your bow safe from rain and mud.

If the outer side is this fine, what about the inner features? Well, the entire space is placed with military-grade foam protection. There are various shaped slots in this box in order to fit about 12 arrows and a bow individually.

This is another favorite aspect of the product. The reason is that this convoluted cushion foam keeps all your accessories from rattling during movements upon traveling.

Plus, the unique silica gel protects the equipment inside from moisture; thus, no fear of rust. It is perfection in the form of an incredibly sturdy hard case.


  • Military-grade foam interior
  • Durable
  • Capable of storing up to 40-inch-long bows
  • Moisture absorbent silica gel to prevent rust
  • Hard exterior with padlock feature
  • Airtight and waterproof structure
  • Includes an accessory storage
  • Approved for flying/shipping


  • Not much space for arrows

2. Plano Protector Compact Bow Case (Black)

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

You want to buy a bow case, but the budget you have set does not offer that many heavy duty cases. We understand that nobody wants to buy something cheap to save up and end up ruining the bow in the process.

If you are one of them, then here is the best bow case for the money that will not disappoint you in the least. It has dimensions of 43.25 x 6.75 x 19 inches.

Plano is a familiar name to the majority of pro archers out there. They have a great range of bow cases for various bow designs, which is why you are going to see more of this brand in our article.

Back to this one, the box is lightweight; hence, you get to carry it without unnecessary burden.  The dimension allows you to fit parallel limb bows of any kind.

It is quite popular in the market due to affordability with durable components. The simplistic design is merely a bonus for you to easily work with.

This hard case comes with high density foam inside. It enables the bow to sit tight. There are six slots for arrows under the lid, which we believe is slightly small in number.

However, given the size of the case, we think it is pretty convenient within the price. Another advantage is that you will not have to remove the quiver to fit the bow in the 1-inch deep foam layer.

As for the safety concerns, the box contains four patented PillarLock system. They offer maximum protection wherever you go. So you can see that it is a compact but sturdy and handy bow case that any archer can afford.


  • Compact for traveling
  • Approved for airline
  • Lightweight
  • Simple design eliminates intricate storing
  • Interior is protected with high-grade foam
  • Best for parallel limb bows
  • PillarLock system for better protection
  • Cost-efficient


  • Less space for arrows
  • No padlock eyelets

3. SKB Injection-Molded Small Parallel Limb Bow Case, Black

SKB Injection-Molded Small Parallel Limb Bow Case

Do you own a small parallel limb bow? Are you looking for a hard case that offers everything you ever wanted in a box?

There is a reason why we have selected it as the best bow case, and that reason is its robust and heavy duty construction that accommodates the secure handling of the bow and accessories.

The product is built from very well-made materials that last for years to come. It has an internal dimension of 35 x 14 x 5 inches that fits bows like the Mathews Heli-M pretty snugly.

There are several things we have come to like regarding this unit. Firstly, the entire box contains four trigger release latch system. It is an absolute favorite to all the archers.

Plus, you will find padlock tabs right next to each latch to attain maximum safety. Secondly, the reason behind the longevity of this product is the military-standard injection-molded hard case.

It is dustproof and waterproof, meaning the item keeps everything you preserve in there protected, despite the condition of the hunting location.

From deserted lands to deep woods in the rain, this thing will look just as new, no matter how much you lug it around. Speaking of which, it has three snap-down rubber over-molded handles.

Furthermore, the case is resistant to fungus, corrosion, impact damage, UV, solvents, etc. It also comes with two small in-lined wheels below to accommodate you in easing down the weight.

Thirdly, the product has a deep foam interior to cushion your bows and arrows with utmost care. There are several tie down straps to secure the bow in case your trip includes a lot of uneven terrain paths.

And finally, we love how the user can store about a dozen arrows in the lid that is fully installed with water-jet system foam. Pretty sleek, is it not?


  • Military-grade case material for durability
  • Watertight and dustproof for good preservation
  • Offers high-security locking system
  • Very deeply cushioned interior
  • Ample storage for accessories
  • Suitable for small parallel limb bows
  • Resistant to many weather elements


  • A bit expensive

4. Plano Spire Crossbow Case, Black, Packs

Plano Spire Crossbow Case

Crossbows are not old-school. In fact, we think it is the coolest version of archery. So whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, you do understand the amount of delicacy this bow comes with.

You are going to need a rugged and sturdy case for the item, and we believe, Plano Spire crossbow hard case is the way to go. We know that maintaining a crossbow can be tricky.

As a result, we often find it hard to focus on the type of case we usually buy. This time, however, is different. It is more on the affording side, giving you the advantage of owning a sturdy case even when you had less time researching the product.

Just reading this review would suffice because it does not lack in features nor performance. The two balanced carry handle delivers quick mounting and transporting of the case without trouble.

The whole dimension is 39 x 24.5 x 12 inches that can house a crossbow along with some arrows. Not all plastics are fragile- that statement is highly relevant to this unit.

It has a very simplified design overall, being the case made from hard plastic to prevent abrupt damage or breakage. There are the heavy duty latches that also provide padlock hasps to ensure secure locking.

Now, the internal structure is designed with high density foam padding to keep the crossbow safe and secure in its place. It also offers lashing straps so that your equipment does not rattle inside during transportation.

Although the case will not have much space left after fitting the bow and arrows, it will still have some room for a few accessories like string wax, rain tube, and such.


  • Compact design
  • Compatible with new crossbow sizes
  • Rugged and sturdy build
  • Padded interior with lashing straps
  • Additional protection with padlock hasps
  • Sporty appearance
  • Balanced carry handles for convenient moving
  • Additional storage for quiver


  • Very little space for arrows

5. SKB Hunter Series Bow Case, Black

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB bow cases never cease to amaze us. Similarly, this Hunter Series unit will impress you with its incredible features. Hence, we select it as another best bow case in our review guide.

To start off, you should know that it has a dimension of 39 x 15 x 6 inches. The case might look dull and boring but do not be deceived by its somber appearance.

It provides better protection and safety to your stuff than many comparable products in the market. Besides, the product’s embossing exterior merely radiates professionalism.

Another reason to choose this item is the eight-point interlocking system that comes with a premium ABS shell. This means the hard case is ultimately a genius built for the pro hunters out there.

If you have to go to various regions for hunting that include humid, dry, dusty locations, this will not disappoint you at all.

Let us see what is stored inside that ABS shell protected box now. The first thing you will notice is how there is nothing attached under the upper lid. It actually makes the interior look tidier, in our opinion.

So, where do you stash the arrows? Why, right next to the bow! And you can store about a dozen of them. The whole area has the water-jet cut polyethylene foam protection.

You can stow away the precious bow and other accessories without worrying about moisture invasion, dirt, and dust attacks inside. Lastly, it also has EPS inserts in order to prevent extreme impacts.


  • Best for professional hunters
  • Suitable with modern compound bows and quivers
  • Resistant to harmful natural elements
  • Resilient to hard impacts
  • Comes with stylish embossed external design
  • High-security locking system
  • Houses 12 arrows


  • Slightly heavy

6. Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case Black

Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case

If the previous product, by any chance, did not impress you, then this one by Plano sure will. It is yet another best hard bow case we have found irresistible to not add to our list.

This case has everything that speaks heavy duty from all around. It all begins with the rugged and boldly constructed exterior. You can see the commitment in designing such a hard case shown by the Plano Molding.

That is not all; the dimension of 48 x 20 x 7.5 inches can fit the compound bow you own with the utmost care, all the while making ample room for other accessories.

It is highly resilient to water, dust, and other elements due to the Dri-Loc rubber seal. You can expect maximum security with crushproof strength. The padlock tabs increase safety in the airports and during journeys as well.

You know what this means, right? Yes, this unit is 100% airline approved. All of these are attainable at a very reasonable cost, not to mention the fabulous interior space design. This is why many users have turned towards the Plano 108110.

Discussing the length of internal space advantages will take up the whole article, so we are going to run you by the specifics in brief. The bow can rest on the high density foam.

Plus, there are tie down straps for added protection. As for the arrows, you can store up to 10 standard or carbon fiber arrows in the elastomeric storage retainers you will see below the upper lid.

We honestly find this product substantially beneficial to the passionate archers, hunters, with frequency of moving to various regions.


  • High-grade thick-wall exterior construction
  • Weatherproof with rubber seal closing
  • Incredibly high profile locking system
  • Permissible for airline travel
  • Plenty of space for bow, quiver, arrows, etc.
  • Crushproof technology to protect the gears
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting


  • Arrow retainers seem loose

7. Southland Archery Supply SAS Premium Recurve Takedown Bow Case with Pre-Cut Foam

Southland Archery Supply SAS Premium Recurve Takedown Bow Case with Pre-Cut Foam

This product is cost-effective, that was our initial thought. Next, we came across the fact that it can fit only the Takedown bows that includes Spirit, Samick, Courage, etc.

It is one of the better soft cases to look forward to, though, in comparison to many similar products at this price. The SAS’s soft bow case is a good choice for people who like flexibility and light traveling.

This unit is very simple in appearance but provides all the primary features to carry the whole package during shooting practice.

As a recurve takedown bow owner, the user must know how susceptible to damage the device is despite the small structure. That is why the soft case offers a pre-cut foam interior.

You can rest the limbs and riser in between these padded cuts to ensure appropriate protection gain when on the move. The overall dimension of the bag is 11 x 27 x 2.5 inches.

Therefore, the bow parts will remain in a snug position no matter how rickety the transportation is. The entire case is zippered, while the fabric ensures resistance to tears.

Most soft cases have one thing to worry about when it comes to fabric quality. We admit that this one is no extravagance standard, but the bag has tried its best to deliver convenience.

There is soft material on the inside to protect the contents from scratches. It also has two internal pockets, an outer pocket with a sturdy zipper, and an open pocket in the front.

Each shoulder strap integrated with the case is finely sewed for the user to carry it without hassle. What you should keep in mind is that the bow pieces will potentially fall from the compartments if the case is not entirely packed.


  • Suitable for recurve takedown bows
  • Easy to carry
  • Flexible
  • Constructed from good materials
  • Various compartments for storage
  • Heavily padded bow placing area
  • Cost-efficient


  • Not approved for flying
  • Not durable for long-term use

8. Plano 10-10630 Bow Guard SE 44 Bow Case

Plano 10-10630 Bow Guard SE 44 Bow Case

Here is another Plano hard case review that we felt necessary to add. It measures 44.6 x 20.4 x 8.7 inches in dimension, a large case for a compound bow.

Not only will it house the bow, but you can also throw in a quiver and a bunch of arrows. The user can securely hold the arrows in angle locking foam retainers. About a dozen of them can accommodate in the space.

Plus, you can even add the quiver fully loaded with more arrows within the same section of the upper lid.

Meanwhile, the other side contains complete foam protection in order to protect the bow from heavy pressure, scratches, and such. The tie down straps enable further prevention from shifting due to frequent shakes and moves.

Plano 10-10630 is a bow case that comes with airline approved feature. It is one reason why a number of archers select this item for ease of transportation.

Four heavy duty latches keep the lids tightly shut when not in use. This feature, along with the hard exterior, makes sure the case has the best safety against pressures.

However, we have to warn you that it is not as high-grade quality as the other Plano bow cases. Hence, do not expect it to withstand hefty equipment placed on top of it in the back of your vehicle.

Another thing to remember is that the mounting bracket you need to install the quiver in the lid is not included. You are going to have to purchase it separately.

Regardless of these disadvantages, the unit is a good option for those who need a low priced hard case for quick flying out of the town.


  • Best for large compound bows
  • Plenty of storage for arrows
  • Includes padlock tabs
  • Proper strapping of the bow to prevent dangling
  • Soft interior due to heavy foam padding
  • Economical


  • Seems flimsy compared to other bow cases

9. Southland Archery Supply SAS Travel Approved Hard Bow Case for Takedown Bows and Arrows – Made in the USA

Southland Archery Supply SAS Travel Approved Hard Bow Case for Takedown Bows and Arrows

Are you looking for a hard case for your overlong bow? Most of these cases come in the unconceivable price range, which we often try to avoid. You do not have to worry anymore now.

The SAS brand brings to you another convenient box that you can get for your Spirit, Samick Sage, or even Takedown bows with a little tinkering here and there.

While the overall length of the case is 37-inch, the user can fit about a 62-inch bow along with 35-inch arrows, respectively.

Recurve bows are delicate to maintain. Therefore, you might have to resize the pre-cut foam a little bit to make sure the gears fit perfectly. This one is yet another airline approved item on our list.

That is not the only advantage you acquire with this product. Apart from travel benefits and recurve takedown bow fitting, the hard exterior offers bountiful protection from various elements.

The other side of the lid contains a padded and adjusted storing area for approximately 24 ultra-thin arrows and up to 18 regular ones effortlessly. This large bow case has enough space to add extra bow accessories as well.

A case will be pointless to own if the thing does not close properly. This reason alone has ruined the archery passion for many hunters over the years.

Even though the SAS takedown bow case has only two snap latches for the locking system, it additionally provides padlock tabs that increase security with their stainless steel hinge pin design.

It comes with a handle that has a built-in broadhead wrench to handle the arrows without cutting your fingers in the blade.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Plenty of room for arrows
  • The case is travel approved
  • Broadhead wrench built-in handle
  • Extra compartments to hold accessories
  • Snap latches with double padlocks for security
  • Easy transporting design


  • Requires DIY foam cutting for certain bows

10. Primos Soft Bow Case – Mossy Oak New Break-Up

Primos Soft Bow Case - Mossy Oak New Break-Up

We conclude the list of the stunning products with another best soft bow case that comes in beautiful mixed color fabric. It is an awesome bang for the buck. Hunters who prefer lightweight over hard plastic materials, this here is the lucky winner.

It has a dimension of 40.5 x 10 x 3.5 inches that can easily tuck in a couple of bows in the large zippered compartment. Not many soft cases offer this kind of superiority. However, you must measure the bow first.

As long as it is less than 40-inch, you are good to go. So, where do the quiver or stabilizer fit in if the big compartment is all about the bows?

Well, this is where the large front pocket with zippers comes to rescue. It is designed to house a fully loaded arrow case pretty easily. Admittedly, it might not hold that many arrows for the party.

Now, the fabric material used to make this product is 600D polyester- one of the best materials that last long. It is further coated to ensure resilience against natural elements.

However, let us remind you that it is not a hard case, so do not expect it to be invincible to terrible tears and scratches. The users have had no complaints regarding the quality of this stylish looking soft case so far.

Unfortunately, it does not have a shoulder strap for comfortably handling the weight. There are 2 D-rings on both side of the big, zippered compartment, which means you can add the shoulder strap separately.

Otherwise, you will have to carry it like a briefcase before placing it in the back of your vehicle.

The mossy oak camouflage is one of the coolest soft cases that a professional can acquire. Even if it is for casual or recreational use, the item will ensure astounding performance against tough situations.


  • Crafted from quality material fabric
  • Sturdy zippers for both pockets
  • Tested to survive harsh conditions
  • A lot of room for more than one bow
  • Separated area for a loaded quiver
  • Velcro-added small handle for balanced carrying
  • A great style that blends with nature
  • Weather-resistant and durable


  • Does not include shoulder straps

How to Buy the Best Bow Cases

Have you noticed in each bow case review how every feature partakes in formulating the product more and more irresistible? Here are some of these aspects the user should keep in mind.

Internal Dimensions 

Each hunter has different bows or unique ways of using them. So, one has to make sure the interior of the archery bow cases is fitting to the bows and arrows.

Obviously, it would be useless to purchase a case without checking the internal lengths. Try to compare it to the bow you own.

Bow Case

Proper size is when the device perfectly fits and still sanctions a little space on either side, preferably an inch or two. This allows you to keep your bow safe without worrying about damages.

External Dimensions

Outer dimensions are just as crucial as inner dimensions. Do you know why? Think about having to carry it, store it and transport it to the destinations.

Therefore, when you are looking for a case, do not forget to look for the design, shape, material thickness, etc. because they will determine the additional size of the overall product.

Of course, it is best to check the interior first and then, examine the exterior structure.

The Three Bow Case Types

There are ultimately three kinds of bow cases- hard case, soft case, and hybrid case.

A hard case is made entirely from heavy duty rigid materials and typically weatherproof most of the time. It can be pricy in nature. Any hard case for the bow you choose will tend to be slightly bulky when carrying.

The soft cases, on the other hand, are crafted with polyester or nylon-like materials for durability. Most soft cases are within budget. These bow cases do not take up much space, either.

However, there remains the uncertainty of accessories and bow safety in a bag-like case.

Hybrid cases are a combination of both. They are usually the soft cases incorporating some high density foam inside at various locations to keep the bow and arrows safe.

Latches and Padlock Eyelets

You will find latches mainly in a hard case because soft cases have zippers. These latches are vital to providing security.

Since bow and arrow are some means of weaponry, it is recommended that the user goes for at least four latched hard case. Make sure that these latches are not too simple either.

Now, if you wish for a higher level of security to keep your bow case intact, we suggest looking for a hard case that offers padlock addition. Some cases have eyelets for that purpose.

Other Protective Features

How do you know if the hard case you are looking at is worth all the research? First of all, ensure that it has all the necessary protective characteristics.

These features are often known as high density foam for the bow to sit protectively, tie down straps to secure everything in one place.

There is also the importance of crush-resistance and weatherproof properties. These will keep the hard case from being crushed when under a lot of weight and offer protection from water, dust, sand, and such elements.


We always love the extra bit of storage we get when buying bags. It is similar to the bow cases as well. If you have extra space after strapping up the bow and other accessories, then, by all means, add more gears!

Bow Case

Although, it is typically the soft cases that, at times, offer additional storage. Hard bow case owners might not be so lucky.

Travel Approval 

Are you a frequent traveler with a bow case? The TSA officials would want to inspect that case of yours when you are flying.

So we highly advise getting a bow case that is airline approved for ease of inspection without having to drag you to open the lock.


1. Are the bow cases and crossbow cases distinguishable? 

Yes, Crossbow cases come in the shape of a crossbow and are slightly larger than a regular bow case. Aside from this, the manufacturing qualities are pretty much the same.

2. What is the difference between a modified case and a custom case? 

A custom case is what you purchase with very few alterations like writing your name. Since the manufacturer does the customization, it will not void the warranty.

On the other hand, a modified case is when you or a professional enhances the case with additional space, designed/harder exterior, etc. to make the case appear more sophisticated.

It will void your warranty, so there is that.

3. What does mixed color mean?

Mixed colors are the camouflage or camo patterns in a color scheme to favor better when hunting.

4. Do I get any bow or arrow when buying a bow case? 

No, as far as we know, these are the objects you must obtain on your own to acquire a premium quality. A bow case that includes everything might not offer more than average quality for all the items.

5. Which is better, hard case or soft case?

Soft cases are most suitable for providing extra room, but when it comes to protection against harsh elements, a hard case works the best. It also relies on the type of activity you are to partake in and how much equipment you wish to bring with.

Final Words

So, what do you think? It is a question you are to ask yourself and, if possible, scan over these fabulous items one more time.

You cannot acquire the best bow cases unless you have spent some time with their specifications, right?

We wish you all the luck and hope you ace in this sport, pro or hobby.

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