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Bipod Adapters: What Are These and How To Choose?

You’re aware that a bipod cannot be used with all the rifles that exist on the planet. A given bipod will only a fit a few types of rifles; hence the names bipods for AR15, and the like.

However, the manufacturers have to find a way to make it easy for these bipods to fit a variety of rifles so that you can be part of the bipod experience no matter what gun you use.

That’s how bipod adapters came to be…

What Are Bipod Adapters?

A bipod adapter helps expand the usefulness of your bipod. The most common adapters enable the bipod to mount on sling swivel. This, in turn, makes it possible for you to use your bipod on different rifles.

Typically, most bipods are designed to mount on the Picatinny rail. Meaning it will connect with all AR and military rifles without any issues.

For other firearms that lack the Picatinny rail, you’ll have to use an adapter.

Some bipod brands tend to pack their bipods alongside a few adapters to enable you to easily attach them into as many rifles as possible.

For other brands, however, you’re required to buy these adapters separately.

What should you look for when purchasing a new bipod adapter?

Let’s discuss some top factors that make a great adapter:

What do you need an adapter for?

As we’ve already mentioned above, different adapters have been designed to serve different purposes.

Some will help you attach your bipod to guns with swivel stud

Other like KeyMod adapter helps you attach your bipod to KeyMod Handguard.

Still, other are designed for use with polymer and wood stocks.

Always define the reason why you need a bipod adapter before heading to the stores to avoid confusions.

Quality (Durability)

Next, you want a bipod adapter that will see you through as many shooting tasks as possible.

I’ve come across bipod users complaining of adapters that break easily

It’s, therefore, important that you look for a high-quality, durable adapter that will meet your needs for an extended period of time.

Steel or aluminum construction promises lifetime use!


This is directly related to our previous factor. If you want the best quality, consider buying from reputable brands.

For example, Harris Engineering, a top-quality brand, offers you a line of high-quality bipod adapters to help meet all your shooting needs.

Ease of Use

While some adapters are completely easy to work with, others might give you headaches trying to figure out how to install others.

Others will even require you to make some drills on your gun which aren’t necessary.

Just look for straightforward adapters that install in seconds.

Final Thoughts

Since bipods might not work with all the firearms, using bipod adapters help extend their usefulness. That being said, different adapters have been designed to meet different needs.

When looking for a bipod adapter, ensure it’s made of quality materials, comes from a popular brand, matches your needs and is completely easy to use.

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