300 Blackout vs. 30-30 vs. 7.62×39: A Head to Head Comparison

Which one are you going to choose? Powerful 300 Blackout, reliable 7.62×39 or long-lived 30-30?

Seems pretty hard to pick one, right?

What if I take you through a detailed overview of each model and help you choose one that suits your requirement?

Well, that is what I am here for. As these rounds are very popular, getting distracted is no surprise.

Go through the whole article. Hopefully, you will end up having the best one for you.

300 Blackout Bullet

Okay, starting with the 300 blackout. It is a larger caliber bullet and stands very popular mostly in America. This one is no better for long range shootings but best for shorter range shootings.

300 blackout works effectively under 100 yards but doesn’t choose this round for more than 200-yards distant shooting.

If your intention for this round is hunting, choose a place that is loaded with woods or trees, where you will be less visible.

The bullet diameter is 7.8 mm (or 308 inches), and shell casing of this round is 34.7 mm (or 1.368 inches). This bullet weight ranges from 78 grain at the velocity of 2,880 fps to 125 grain at 2,215 fps.

300 blackout runs smoothly through 14.5 inches’ barrel of an M4, 24 inches’ rifle barrel and also 9 inches’ pistols barrel.

And one important fact; shooters who use AR-15 designed for .223 Remington bullets, 300 Blackout might load easily there, which can cause a major explosion. So if you like to have both, be very careful and keep the rounds separated.

30-30 Bullet

This is another short-range hunting bullet with lower recoil. 30-30 is proved as the best entry level round for hunters and effective for deer hunting.

As mentioned, it is a short range round, so choosing this for long distance shots will be the worst idea to have in mind. But, this round is very effective under 200-yard.

This round is very lightweight compared to other similar models and shooters can aim better as it is a short range round.That’s why the 30-30 is best for entry level hunters.

It is very popular for lever action rifles but also works smooth in single shot rifles. 30-30 round has a diameter of 7.8 mm or 308 inches and shell casing of 51.8 mm or 2.039 inches.

The round weight is 170 grain at 2,227 fps, but this 30-30 round also comes in 150-grain weight at 2,390 fps and 160 grains at 2,330 fps.

7.62×39 Bullet

Another highly popular and reliable round you will find pretty much everywhere in Easter countries.

Some even say the 7.62×39 is a very powerful round for hunting.

The 7.62×39 is also similar to previous 300 Blackout and 30-30, it is also a short range round but proves to be powerful than them.

If you shoot a target at the 250-yard distance, you will notice a fall of bullet around five to eight inches by the time it reaches 250 yards.Although, under 200-yard it’s an outstanding performer.

Wrapping up, different people have a different point of views.Therefore, the requirements in selecting the best round should suit with their hunting style and rifle.

Above, I did a short comparison between the 300 Blackout, 30-30, and 7.62×39. If you haven’t found this article helpful, let me know in the comment sections below.

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  1. Since when is a caliber “entry level”? .30-30 has taken more deer than most every other caliber combined, has greater range and significantly more power than .300aac. This write up sounds as though you’re new to firearms in general.

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